International Federation for Home Economics--United States (IFHE-US)

“Partnerships for Home Economics Disaster Assistance for Developing Countries”

Disaster Assistance for the Philippines


More than fifty FCS professionals have attended initial meetings or expressed interest in a worldwide preparedness effort initiated by the International Home Economics Services (IHES) to rebuild home economics programs, which may be disrupted by or destroyed in a disaster. Prototype efforts provided materials to Antigua and Grenada after recent disasters. Meetings were held at AAFCS in June 2010 and at the International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE) Council in Sligo, Ireland in July 2010 to explore and gain interest and ideas. The goal is to establish a partnership of organizations WORLDWIDE with the objective of assisting with the rebuilding of devastated programs that enables their educational efforts to resume after disasters. Organizations indicating cooperation include AAFCS, the Global Perspectives Community, The Caribbean Association of Home Economics (CAHE), IFHE worldwide, and IFHE-US.

Efforts are underway to identify additional partners and professional contacts around the world, determine the process for delivering assistance, and to develop a worldwide plan, likely organized around the Regions of IFHE. This is a great opportunity for international involvement by taking action with local efforts whether a project for a classroom, one’s community, or any group of our professionals. See Update from AAFCS Annual Meetings in Phoenix, June 2011.

Update from IFHE Congress, Melbourne, July 2012

CALL FOR SALES ITEMS for AAFCS Annual Convention and Expro

A product sales table at the AAFCS Annual Convention and Expo has been very successful. Not only did the profits contribute to building our “Partnerships” operating fund but in spreading the word about International opportunities. The effort is repeated each year since 2010. A variety of home made items and international gifts sold from this table at AAFCS. This is a great way to raise money for “Partnerships” and spread our visability.

Requests for more information or expressions of interest to participate should be made to Juanita Mendenhall, IHES President, at or 803-337-4012.