IFHE-United States Development Fund

The IFHE-US Development Fund continues to work towards soliciting and managing a corpus of monies that are invested to earn interest. The principal is kept intact and projects are funded from the interest income. All expenses associated with the operation of the fund are donated as in-kind contributions by members of the committee so that all income is invested in the fund. In the U.S. all contributions are tax deductible.

Fund Projects

Fund-Raising Activities
The major source of contributions to the IFHE-US Development Fund is individual donations. An annual appeal is circulated throughout the membership to solicit gifts of cash. Various levels of giving are recognized by a system of sponsorships: Dedicated Generosity ($500 or more), Patron Sponsor ($250 -$499), Sky Sponsor ($101-$249), Star Sponsor ($51-$100), Supporter Sponsor ($26-$50) and the Friend Sponsor ($25 or less). A variety of in-kind contributions are also recognized annually. A special Global Legacy Society is also available to assist donors to contribute within their wills or estate plans.

The IFHE-US Development Fund also sponsors an educational program and fund-raising event each year prior to the AAFCS Annual Meetings. These “Cultural Events” are prime opportunities for members and friends to gather to enjoy each other and to learn about global issues. Usually a speaker or cultural group is invited to present at a venue unique to the meeting site. Details of these events are included in the AAFCS tour information, publicized within the IFHE-US organization website <www.ifhe-us.org> and included in the spring issues of Connections, the organizational newsletter.


In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family (2004), the IFHE-US Development Fund produced a set of notecards from images of international subjects donated by members. Over 500 sets of 10 notecards each were packaged and sold at various meetings and to individuals, family and friends.





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The IFHE-US Development Fund is managed by a Director elected by the IFHE-US membership and a committee appointed by the President and Director. Sharon V. McManus (MI) is the current Director (pictured above). Committee Members include: Kim Kamin (TX), Jacky Warnock (NY), Nancy C. Billings (AL), Carolyn Blount (WA), Mary Turner Gilliland (CA), Norma Maynard (St. Lucia), Gregg McCullough (PA) Marianne Calhoun McKeon (NY), Nancy St. John (VA). This committee reports to the Board of Directors and the members at the IFHE-US Annual Meetings in June.

Quilts---quilts---and more quilts. Thanks to the quilting expertise of Carolyn Blount (WA), three different quilts were constructed from 2002-2008 to serve as fund raisers. Squares were donated from IFHE members from throughout the world…some with marvelously unique fabrics and patterns. Then Carolyn would carefully label and construct the quilts. The first quilt was raffled off at the 2004 Congress in Kyoto and a second was raffled off during the 2008 Jubilee Congress in Lucerne, Switzerland. A third quilt, fashioned from remaining squares was donated as a wall-hanging for the IFHE Headquarters office in Bonn, Germany. This tradition of constructing quilts to showcase our membership and raise monies was taken-up at the Congress in 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.

2015 AAFCS Pre-conference Educational Event
Sponsored by International Federation for Home Economics-US
IFHE-US Development Fund
Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Spanish Cultural Evening was held at River City Brewing Company on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida. Attendees enjoyed a River Taxi ride to a delicious buffet with Spanish guitar music by the Fermin Duo. The Honorable Judge Tatiana Salvador gave some insight and information about the influence and contributions of Hispanics to Florida’s rich culture and heritage. Nearby St. Augustine was settled 55 years prior to the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620. The IFHE-US Development Fund sponsors a cultural event fundraiser at each AAFCS Conference. These are special evenings to spend with family and friends. You won’t want to miss them!