Volume 8 Issue 1

Spring 2006

A Newsletter for Members of the International Federation for

Home Economics in the USA


Text Box:    Volume 8 Issue 1							    Spring 2006

A Message from the President
Mary Andrews 
     As many of you know, I have been with the Cooperative Extension System for my entire career (along with duties in the College as well). My most recent task has been to manage a three-year grant from USDA titled, “The National Initiative to Internationalize Extension”.  It has been a joy to meet and support the many Extension staff from across the USA who are working to share information about the world with their local clientele. It strikes me that this is our role in IFHE-US as well! We all have special insights about the world that can bring greater understanding to our peers and the general public. 
     The Center for Media and Public Affairs noted in 2003 that television was the primary news source for most Americans.  It noted that, “Throughout the 1990’s, Americans were shown a world that was brutal, chaotic and of little relevance to their concerns.” Furthermore “television did little to convey the economic, ethnic, historical, political and social dimensions to international problems—or the possibility that diplomacy and international cooperation might provide solutions.”  These trends were amplified after 9/11. Generally news coverage is intense, but fleeting, emphasizing unilateral action by Americans and providing few connections to long-term issues.  Following are some research findings from the Frame Work Institute that has been supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. (For more information, go to: www.frameworksinstitute.org or www.aspeninstitute.org/gii)

Before September 11, Americans…
•	Were not uninterested in international issues, but lacked confidence about their understanding of the issues
•	Wanted to see the U.S. as a respectful citizen in the world community
•	Had the misperception that the U.S. is doing more than any other country
•	Felt that disasters strike repeatedly outside our borders and without the possibility of prevention
•	Lacked an understanding of cause and effect or the viability of any solutions
In post 9/11 research, much is unchanged…
•	Americans continue their high interest in the world
•	Continue to express the conviction that the U.S. is the only player on the world stage
•	Continue to think that America is “going it alone”
•	But now have anxieties about misuse and abuse of U.S. leadership and power as well as anxiety about insecurity and protectionism

     You have had personal experiences with people and places in the world that can help others create a more balanced picture of the world. You can help people realize that all human beings want the best for their children and families, that peace is better than war, that many other societies and nations are working to improve conditions in the world. We might be caught up in some terrible times, but the future is not bleak. By working together with others and investing in preventing problems, the future can be very bright. Whatever your political persuasion, you personally can do something to enlighten the issues and bring rationality to the table. Try it out; Talk about your international experiences and beliefs to others. You will learn and in turn, help others to learn.







Mary P. Andrews


Past President

Juanita Mendenhall


Director of Finance

Nancy Billings


Director of Professional Development and Programs

Joanne Pearson


Director of Communications

Nancy St. John



Kitty Decker


Director, UN Liaison

Ruth Norman


Chair, IFHE-US

Development Fund

Sharon McManus


AAFCS International

Division Chair

Carole Makela


Chair, Nominating Committee

Alberta Hill

Liaison to IFHE History Project

Janett Gibbs

Subcommittee on History, Archives and Documentation

Sharon Christie 

Jenny Schroeder




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International Cultural Event

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Call for Research:

Clothing and Textiles Research Journal

Focus Issue


  ITAA announces a special issue of the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, which will focus on the increasing numbers of older people within the global market, and the implications of that demographic upon the design, production, marketing and use of apparel and textile products.  The issue will be guest edited by Drs. Lynne Richards and Usha Chowdhary. 


  By the year 2020, it is estimated that persons 55 and older will comprise 33 percent of the U.S. population, and will control household assets of far greater value than those of younger individuals.  Research has revealed that older persons tend to be innovative consumers and desire to actively participate in mainstream consumption.  Such phenomena are global in nature, and not restricted to the U.S. only.  And yet despite the growing number and obvious wealth of older consumers around the world, they remain an underappreciated consumer segment, resulting in lost revenues for business, as well as lost consumption and service opportunities for the elderly.

The goals of this special CTRJ issue are to:

·         increase professional awareness of this worldwide phenomena

·         provide new and reliable information that will benefit both apparel and textile businesses and aging consumers,

·         stimulate academic curricular content that better prepares apparel, textile, business and gerontology students for dealing with this demographic reality, and

·         stimulate the undertaking of new and more diverse research by providing a juried outlet for possible dissemination of that research.

(Continued next column)


  In order to realize this last important goal, this very early announcement is being published.  Manuscripts will not be due until March 2007, providing scholars with ample time to devise and implement studies that provide unique perspectives upon the issue of aging, as it applies to apparel and textiles. 


  Watch for a forthcoming Aging in a Global Society link on the ITAA website, which will delineate author guidelines for the submission of manuscripts. In the meantime, think about initiating a scholarly investigation of the global aging phenomenon from the perspective of your own apparel and textiles specialization. 



Logging on to “Members Only” at IFHE


1.        Open the IFHE database homepage (www.ifhe.org/ifhem)

2.        Click the link “Request Datas”

3.        Please fill in the pop up form and click Request.

4.        You will receive an e-mail with the password. 

5.        Open the IFHE Homepage (www.ifhe.org)

6.        Enter your personal data in the marked fields on the IFHE Homepage

7.        Click the sign “lock” and the members only area should be open.


If you have any questions please contact: office.ifhe@t-online.de



AAFCS 97th Annual

Conference & Expo

Charlotte, NC

June 22-25, 2006


Register Online at www.aafcs.org




IFHE Annual Leadership Meeting

in Berlin, February 2006

Juanita Mendenhall,

 IFHE-US and SCAFCS Representative


     Berlin in February 2006 was an amazing experience!  The last time I was there was just after “THE WALL” came down and the contrast between East and West Germany couldn’t have been more stark!  The old, colorless and dank buildings and landscape on ‘the other side’ of the wall were all so memorable I wasn’t expecting the vibrant, ultra-modern city as it appears today.  If one looks, there are signs of the past, such as looking at the back side of some buildings now elegantly refaced to the street, where it is possible to see the old frames and scars of the past.  Our Ramada Hotel building was once in the eastern sector and we could observe this clearly, yet from the street and inside, most everything looked quite new.  Across the entire city, mammoth skyscrapers and malls to rival any on earth have appeared to lure world travelers as well as the local populations to enjoy the NEW BERLIN.  The huge Tiergarten (park) and other lovely gardens were beautiful, even in the snow!   Oh, the history this city can tell!!  And they are clearly optimistic about the future!!


     And so can we, the Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics profession, be optimistic.  Look at our rich history!  Think of all the transitions and experiences we have been through as a profession, at every level we can name:  international, national, state, and local.   We have great accomplishments we can identify.  As I think about the analogy, I think about our need to work together—hard—to return our profession to vibrancy for the future.  That is exactly what members are trying to do with IFHE and we are succeeding.  We now have the most secure economic base that we have had in all of the years (30+) since I’ve been a member, when only a few short years ago, we wondered if we could possibly survive and nearly closed our doors.  Nearly the same can be said for AAFCS, but, we too, are strengthening our position with the initiatives being undertaken currently by the BOD and dedication of many members.  Members’ commitment and care is the critical ingredient turning these organizations around. 

(continued in next column)


  In Berlin, at the Annual Leadership Conference, we were busy planning for our future by representatives working on Programme Committees, Committees of Council and the Executive Committee, all working to bring quality and professionalism to everything we do. 


  Our professional meetings this summer are designed to bring new knowledge and enthusiasm to bear on the work that we do, varied as it is.  But, if we miss all the opportunities to take part we may miss the opportunity to catch the spirit and to strengthen the profession.  With our AAFCS Annual Meeting, June 22-25,  in Charlotte this year, I encourage you to participate.  If you have never been to an AAFCS Annual Meeting, I think you will really enjoy it and benefit from the experience.  (Charlotte is so very close for we South Carolinians compared to the normal distance we must travel, why not try it?)  Cape Town, South Africa July 16-21, may be more of a challenge, but the quality of that program and the experiences associated with it will be well worth the effort.  I was just as surprised by Cape Town and Soweto the first time I visited those destinations as I was by Berlin then and now.  Lifelong learning is a concept we support as a profession.  It’s part of our history and a must for our future, both personally and professionally!





     The Food Agriculture Organization (FAO's) 2006 World Food Day Theme is "Investing in Agriculture for Food Security"
      The October 16, 2006 worldwide teleconference will explore empowering people.  The title will be "Power to the People: Bottom-up Solutions to Hunger" 
      This is an excellent educational program which will provide insight to global issues on hunger.  It is a worldwide message - a teleconference which can be used in the classroom or at the community educational level.
        In preparation have participants read "Democracy's Edge" by Frances Moore Lappe and "Hopes' Edge: The Diet for Small Planets" by Frances Moore Lappe adn Anna Lappe. 

     For more details on World Food Day visit www.worldfooddayusa.org. 




The 5th International Household and Family Research Conference

Savonlinna, Finland

June 6-9, 2006

  Sustainable future and ’good life’ imply practices, which are ecologically, socio-culturally and economically sustainable. The 5th International Household and Family Research Conference invites researchers in Home Economics, Consumer and Family Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Food Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Education, Technology Studies, Textiles, Crafts and Design Sciences and related fields, to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences on the various aspects of sustainable development. The Conference focuses on visions and innovations for sustainable good life from a variety of academic disciplines under the following themes: Home Economics and Family Sciences; Textiles, Crafts and Design; Education; Consumer Sciences.

   The event's website, http://household.joensuu.fi/, will provide you with a schedule and other information regarding the conference 

Continue the Celebration

of World Family and Consumer Sciences Day

by Promoting LifeSkills!

   AAFCS joined the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) in recognizing March 21, 2006 as World Family and Consumer Sciences DayThe 2005-2008 theme for World FCS Day was “Home Economics Supporting Sustainable Development and Quality of Life for All.” 

   With the challenges caused by recent natural disasters and other increased threats to the well-being of individuals, families, and communities across the globe, World FCS Day highlighted the need for the critical life skills addressed by thousands of family and consumer sciences (FCS) professionals, including AAFCS members like you. 

   AAFCS will be promoting this same theme at the upcoming Annual Conference & Expo, LifeSkills: Solutions for Thriving in Threatening Times. You are urged to attend the AAFCS 97th Annual Conference & Expo in Charlotte, NC, June 22-25, 2006. Preceding the AAFCS meeting is the annual IFHE-US assembly and business meeting on June 21. Also plan to attend the joint Project Identify and Recognize ceremony and IFHE-US Development Fund event in the evening of June 21. 

See registration form on Page 11.

IFHE Leadership Happenings


     Dr. Geraldene B. Hodelin is the regional nominee for IFHE President. Hodelin is currently the Dean of Education and Liberal Studies at the University of Technology in Jamaica.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree from Ryerson University and received her Ph.D.  at the University of Minnesota. She first became a member of IFHE in 1984.  She was an Executive Council member for the Region of Americas from 2000 to 2004 and has since been a co-opted Member of the Executive Council. 


     Janice Archibald was chosen to serve as the Region Director.  Archibald is the Director of Food Policy for the Ministry of Health in Guyana and has served as the President of Caribbean Association for Home Economics.  She has also contributed many articles to IFHE and presented at many international conferences. 


     Joanne Pearson has been selected as the new regional representative for IFHE-US.  Pearson is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Health Sciences at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.  She was a visiting lecturer of Nutrition at the Modovam Technical University in Chisinau, Moldova from September 2001 to January 2002.  She is currently the outgoing IFHE-US Director of Professional Development and Programs. 




Call for Papers

Workshop at Council 2006


Jette Benn, Chair of the Programme Committee Research, has not received many abstracts for the workshop.  The deadline has been extended until May 15, 2006.  The information regarding the specific criteria for the abstracts and papers can be found on the IFHE website (www.ifhe.org). 





IFHE-US Development Fund

P. O. Box 2403

Holland, MI 49422-2403








April, 2006


Dear IFHE-US Member,


The IFHE-US Development Fund continues to work towards its goal of $75,000 by 2008 so we can help fund one or more projects at the 100th anniversary and 21st World Congress of IFHE in Lucerne, Switzerland.  The principal is kept intact and projects are funded from the interest income.


Your commitment to the IFHE goals and your monetary gifts help us achieve our global mission.  We thank you for your ongoing support.  All contributions are tax deductible. 


The International Cultural Event will be held on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at St. Sarkis Armenian Church in Charlotte, NC.  This is a combined event with Project Identify and Recognize.  Bring a friend.  A portion of $65 ticket is tax deductible.  Your ticket includes transportation, food, and program.   Registration form is included in this issue of Connections.  Hope to see you in Charlotte.


With much appreciation,


Sharon V. McManus, Director

Committee Members: Talma Benavides (TX), Nancy C. Billings (AL), Carolyn Blount (WA), Vera Gardner (WY), Mary Turner Gilliland (CA), Betty Harwood (CA), Norma Maynard (St. Lucia), Marianne Calhoun McKeon (NY), Marguerite Scruggs (OK), Nancy St. John (VA)



The IFHE-US Development Fund, P.O. Box 2403, Holland, MI 49422-2403


Yes, I want to support the IFHE-US Development Fund.  Enclosed is my contribution of:


___ $25     ___ $50     ___ $100     ___ $250     ___ $500     ___ Other _$__________


Please make checks payable to the IFHE-US Development Fund. 


Name ______________________________  Address __________________________________



IFHE-US Development Fund Committee



Talma D. Benavides

3830 Silver Creek Drive

Corpus Christi, TX 78410

Phone: 361-242-1453



Carolyn Fix Blount

2026 10th Ave. E.

Seattle, WA 98102-4106

Phone: 206-322-1174



Vera Gardner

P.O. Box 21554

Cheyenne, WY 82003

Phone: 307-634-7097


Mary Turner Gilliland

1040 Tehama Ave.

Menlo Park, CA 94025-1742

Phone: 650-321-9966



Betty Harwood

2316 Colt Road

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Phone: 310-831-9757


Norma Maynard

P.O. Box 713

Castries, St. Lucia, West Indies

Phone: 758-452-8150



Marianne Calhoun McKeon

1346 Lohengrin Place

Bronx, NY 10465-1326

Phone: 718-828-5214



Sharon V. McManus

145 Columbia Ave., Apt. 637

Holland, MI 49423

Phone: 616-546-3394





Marguerite Scruggs

2805 N. Husband St.

Stillwater, OK 74075-2615

Phone: 405-377-0529



Nancy St. John

324 Diana Ct.

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Phone: 540-442-1482 (H)

540-828-5459 (W)

E-mail: nstjohn@bridgewater.edu


IFHE-US Development Fund Contributions

April 1, 2005 – March 31, 2006

Dedicated Generosity:

($500 or more)

Sharon V. McManus

Ohio Association of FCS

Margy Woodburn


Patron Sponsor: ($250-499)

Vera I. Arendsen

Mary Turner Gilliland




Sky Sponsor: ($101-249)

Mary P. Andrews

Kay Fulkerson

Wanda L. Montgomery

Quilt Project

Stars: ($51-100)

Julia Faltinson Anderson

Irene Beavers

Judy Breland

Mary (Kitty) Decker

Jean Knaak

Abby L. Marlatt

Marianne Calhoun McKeon

Juanita Mendenhall

Dorothy I. Mitstifer

Gwendolyn A. Newkirk

Sharon Y. Nickols

Irene M. Ott

Marguerite Scruggs

Jean A. Shipman

Janell Smith

Elizabeth L. Stephenson

Gretchen Ann Speerstra

Deborah Tippett

Elizabeth S. Weiss


Supporters: ($26-50)

Leola Adams

Beatrice H. Bagby

Carolyn Bednar

Lad Bednar

Talma D. Benavides

Nancy C. Billings

Beverly J. Braun

Margaret M. Bubolz

Barbara Clawson

Rosina Cotruzzola




Supporters continued:

Joyce Cotner

Mary W. Covington

Ruth E. Deacon

Ginny Felstehausen

Sally L. Fortenberry

Janett Gibbs

Lillie B. Glover

Karen Goebel

Dorothy Gunter

Alberta Hill

Peg Hoffman

Jan Hogan

Mary Koch

Guadalupe F. Landeros

Janet Laster

Nancy Leidenfrost

Catherine Leslie

Rebecca Lovingood

Glenda Lowry

Carole Makela

Pat Martinson

Gregg E. McCullough

Mary Ellen McFarland

Peggy Meszaros

Mary Miller

Deborah J. Nelson

Ruth Norman

Roberta Null

Joanne M. Pearson

Penny Reighart

Susan Rickards




Supporters continued: Carmen Rivera

Jody Roubanis

Nancy St. John

Marjorie Schmiege

Jenny Schroeder

Susan Shockey

Cathy Solheim

Gertrude Strinden

Patricia M. Tengel

Ruby Trow

Ann Vail

Mina Valdez

Sally Williams


Friends: ($25 or less)

Lois J. Alfsen

Thelma (Dee) M. Brown

Nancy E. Crago

Johanna T. Fugazzi

Mary A. Keith

Chiyono Matsushima

Patricia J. Mogan

Eunice H. Murphy

Ruth Pestle

Lillian C. Reguero


In-Kind Gifts:

Jeanette Daines

Douglas R. MacDonald, Atty

Sharon V. McManus

Janice Templin

University of Minnesota,

St. Paul



Grant Obtained from the Monsanto Fund to Aid Children in Moldova

Joanne Pearson


     Three NGOs with headquarters in the United States, Germany, and the Republic of Moldova have recently received funding for a project entitled “Improving Nutritional Health With School Gardens in Moldova” from the Monsanto Fund. The organizations are the International Federation for Home Economics-United States (IFHE-US), the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE), and “Partenaires” in Moldova, in conjunction with the Technical University of Moldova. Additional funding for nutrition education books and posters for participating schools has been received from IFHE.


     The Monsanto Fund is the philanthropic arm of the Monsanto Company. Its four priority areas are improving nutritional well-being through agriculture, the environment, sciences education, and our communities. The goal of the Monsanto Fund is to bridge the gap between people’s needs and their available resources.


     This multi-year, 2.5 years, grant is designed to provide a 2-day nutrition and community gardening workshop for science teachers, health teachers, home economics teachers, boarding school administrators, and school food service managers whose schools have expressed an interest in establishing a school and community garden. In the year following the workshop, gardens will be established and tended, produce harvested and consumed in the schools, and excess produce preserved for use in school cafeterias later in the year. Fruit and vegetable consumption in the school cafeterias will be compared in the schools with gardens and those without gardens to data collected in the schools at the beginning of the grant. The ultimate goal is improved nutritional knowledge and food practices of school-age children.


     The project came as the result of efforts of the Outreach to Central and Eastern Europe Programme Committee of IFHE that wanted to provide a tangible effect of their outreach efforts of the last 10 years. This committee includes representatives from the United States who are members of IFHE-US and members from the European Region of IFHE. It is hoped that this project, and others of its type, can be continued here and in other regions of the world by home economists.

Introducing the New

2006-2007 Board of Directors


     Dr. Tahira K. Hira is from Iowa and will be serving as Director of Professional Development and Programs.  She is Professor of Personal Finance and Consumer Economics, served as Associate Vice Provost for ISU Extension, 1998-2002.  She has been Vice President for Finance & Properties and President of AAFCS. Also she has taught in Japan, Canada and New Zealand.  Not only has she served as IFHE Council delegate and attended IFHE Congresses but was keynote speaker at Congress in Kyoto, 2004.


     Dr. Jan Scholl is from Pennsylvania and will serve as the Director of Communications.  She is an Associate Professor of Agriculture and Extension Education 4-H Curriculum Faculty.  As IFHE Member, she worked with Women and Families in Development Committee, attended Regional IFHE meetings in Norway and Antigua and other IFHE related meetings in Ireland, Latvia and Sudan.  She attended conferences on Family (2001) and Women (2005) at United Nations, New York, developed curricula for Save the Children, Bolivia.  She has also made conference presentations in Australia, Italy, Russia, Poland and Austria.     



2006 Board of Directors

President    Mary P. Andrews

Past President    Juanita Mendenhall

Director of Finance       Nancy Billings

Director of Professional Dev. and Programs Joanne Pearson

Director of Communications   Nancy St. John

Recorder    Kitty Decker

AAFCS Int’l Division Chair  Carol Makela

Chair, UN Liaison Committee    Ruth Norman

Chair, IFHE-US Dev. Fund    Sharon McManus

Chair, Nominating Committee    Alberta Hill

Liaison to IFHE History Project    Janett Gibbs

Subcommittee on History, Archives and Documentation    Sharon Christie &

Jenny Schroeder


Further Contact information can be found on the IFHE-US website             http://www.ifhe-us.org





 “What Goes With our NGOs???”

(They are eager to answer all your questions.)

Ruth Norman


How many of you know what our 5 representatives do when they spend their day at the UN?  Attend a committee meeting?  Have a coffee in the Vienna Café?  Look for materials in the Resource Center? 


Does it matter? … IFHE has had representation at the UN in NYC for 26 years;  AAFCS has had representation through the Department of Public Information for 2 years;  AHEA had representation through DPI for 20 years.  IFHE-US is in the process of also obtaining representation through DPI.  Does all that time and effort make a difference to our organizations?


If it Matters… What do you want our representatives to do?  List the meetings they attend?  Read the statements to they submit to Commission meetings?  Provide you with information you can use in your work? 


Are you Satisfied?… If their major activity is attending NGO Committee meetings related to our mission, sign our organization’s name to statements?  Help plan conferences for NGOs?  If so, do you want to know about it?  Or just keep a record?


Do you remember?… What the Commission on Social Development and the Commission on the Status of Women does?  If not, refer to the Fall 2005 IFHE-US newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 2.


Would you Like to attend any of The following meetings?


-          The Family Today:  Emerging Issues on the International Agenda

-          Iraqi Families:  Coping with Conflict and Uncertainty

-          Human Trafficking:  Consequences for the Family


   Each is the topic of the recent monthly meeting of the Committee on the Family. 


(continued in next column)

What implications do these statistics have for our organization?

                       Japan   S. Afr. Liberia


Primary Enrollment of girls       100       89        61

Secondary Enrollment of girls   100       68        13

% Illiterate  - 15 to 24                 n/a         6        45                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        % of women over 60                   29          8         4

% of pop. Under 15                     14        33       47                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Source:  The World’s Women 2005:  Progress in Statistics, UN Publication                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


The Millennium Goals…how do they apply to our organization?


       -Which do you feel applies to us the most?

       -Did you watch the HBO movie,

The Girl in the Café?

             (Based on one of the millennium goals)                       

       -Our NGOs know all the answers


Upcoming Conferences:

Sept. 6-8, 2006 – Annual DPI/NGO Conference


Oct. 5, 2006 - International Day of Older Persons


Conferences Attended by IFHE and AAFCS NGOs:

                 Annual DPI/NGO Conference

                 Annual Int’l Day for Older Persons

                 Annual Day of the Family

                 Commission on the Status of Women

                 Commission on Social Development


Statements Submitted by NGO committees and signed by IFHE:

         UN Commission on Social Development: 

                    NGO Committee on Ageing

                    NGO Committee on the Family

         UN Commission on the Status of Women

                    NGO Committee on the Family


Copies of all statements are available from the NGOs   



Mary Miller:  seniorteach@earthlink.net

Mary Covington: MWC186@aol.com

Eileen Labiner:  eglabiner@aol.com


Gloria Tanderjian and Nora Gorman





IFHE Business Updates

Joanne Pearson

Director of Professional Development and Programs


Annual Leadership Meeting

                The 2006 IFHE Annual Leadership Meeting was held in Berlin, Germany February 4-6. The program included a half-day symposium entitled ”Households and Families: Encouragement of Nutritional Knowledge and Skills” followed by a half-day Strategic Planning workshop. The remaining two days were devoted to meetings of the IFHE Programme and Council Committees, and a Plenary Session of reports from the officers, the up-coming Council Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa from July 16-21, reports of plans for the World Congress to be held in Luzern, Switzerland in late July 2008, and Programme and Council Committee reports. There was an announcement that the host country for the 2010 Council Meeting would be Ireland.

                This year the representatives at the Leadership Meeting from the Region of the Americas included six people from the United States, one from Guyana and one from Jamaica. Sherry Betts, VP for the Americas, will finish her term of office at the Council Meeting in South Africa this summer. Janice Archibald from Guyana who has been serving as the Representative from the Americas on the Executive Committee, will step into the position of VP for the Americas. Joanne Pearson will assume the position of Representative from the Americas at the Council Meeting. Geraldine Hodelin from Jamaica is one of two people running for the position of President-Elect of IFHE, the second person being Carol Warren from Australia. Voting for that office will take plan at Council meeting this summer.

     Because the annual Leadership Meeting now includes time devoted to continuing education activities, in addition to the meetings of committees, AAFCS PDU credits (3) were available for people who desired them. It is anticipated that this practice will continue in future years.


Council Meeting in South Africa

     Time has now passed for being eligible to register at the Early Registration Rate to attend IFHE Council Meeting from July 16-21 in Cape Town, South Africa, but it certainly is not too late to register for the meeting. This can be done up to July 1, with late registration penalties. Go to the IFHE website (www.ifhe.org) and click on Council Meeting to find


(Continued on next column)


details about registration, descriptions of the venues for the meeting, tours in conjunction with the meeting and lodging locations. People with a U.S. passport only need a passport valid for at least 30 days after the intended date of departure with at least one blank facing page in the passport, and a return or onward travel ticket. A tourist or business visa is not required for a stay of up to 90 days. No vaccinations are required for cholera or smallpox. Malaria prevention medication is not necessary for Cape Town and the Western Cape. People are advised to carry their own medical and travel insurance. The final day of the meeting will be devoted to academic excursions. People can select a tour in one of the following areas: textiles and design, business and hospitality, secondary and higher home economics education, or community development. During the meeting a half-day tour is planned to Robben Island.

                For people wishing to receive PDU credits, an application is being submitted to AAFCS for as many as 16 PDUs. Check with the IFHE-US President at the meeting in South Africa to get the signed PDU certificate.

                This year for the first time there is a call for research papers for programme committee workshops that will be held on July 17th of the Council Meeting. The deadline for submitting a 500-word abstract to the chair of the research committee (Benn@dpu.dk) is April 20. For details about this opportunity log into the members only side of the IFHE web page and go to IFHE Council 2006. 




To those planning to attend the Council Meeting and willing to serve as a delegate please confirm with Mary Andrews that you are planning to attend.  Contact her at mandrews@msu.edu



Families International Now Online


The latest issue of “Families International”

is now online at:  www.viennafamilycommittee.org.






Are you a current member of IFHE and IFHE-US?


In preparing recent newsletter mailings, we realized that a significant number of members on previous mailing lists were no longer listed on current mailing lists. Although we are sending this newsletter to individuals from previous lists, we urge you to check your records and pay your annual dues.  This discreptency could be reflective of various factors. Some people may have just dropped their membership. But some might have dropped their AAFCS membership and didn’t realize that their IFHE membership dues requests were combined on those dues notices. If you are in that situation, please apply for continuing IFHE membership directly with our IFHE-US Treasurer. Some people only pay their dues when they plan to attend or present at the Congresses. If you are one of those individuals, we plead with you to sustain your membership annually. Such a practice makes planning for budgets and events very difficult. It might be a necessity for colleagues from developing nations, but the federation hopes that those of us in developed countries can keep the rosters stable. And lastly, some people may have just forgotten to pay their dues. Traditionally we have not sent dues notices, relying on your attention to this task. If that is the case, check your checkbook receipts and if you haven’t paid since January 1, 2005; please pay now! The following shortened membership form can be used to secure your continuing membership. THANKS.

International Federation for Home Economics Membership Form




        Phone:     _________________  Fax:______________ E-mail________________

        Membership type: 

Student ($20)              _­­____

            Individual ($65)          _____

         * Organizational ($400) _____

         * Associate ($400)         _____

         *Name of Organization or Association:________________________________


Mail checks made payable to “IFHE-US” to:

Nancy Billings, IFHE-US Treasurer

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International Cultural Event

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

St. Sarkis Armenian Church

Charlotte, NC


Project Identify and Recognize and the IFHE-US Development Fund Educational Event are combined this year to save you time and money while in Charlotte.  Mark this event on your calendar now!


Travel by bus from the Hilton Charlotte & Towers at 3:45 PM and Westin Charlotte at 4:00 PM.  Network with friends and meet new friends en route to St. Sarkis Armenian Church.  Return to hotels at 8:30 PM.


This International Cultural Event will include Project Identify and Recognize awards ceremony, a presentation on the topic “Women in the Military in Times of Crisis”, delicious Armenian hors d’oeuvres, and a cultural program on “The American South and South Africa”.  Dr. Tom Hanchett, Historian at The Levine Museum of the New South will be our speaker.  PDU’s pending.  All are welcome to attend.  Bring a friend.  Your $65 ticket includes transportation, food, and program.  A portion of ticket is tax deductible.


More information will be available at www.ifhe-us.org or contact Sharon McManus, CFCS, Director, IFHE-US Development Fund at svmcmanus@aol.com or                 (616) 546-3394 or Janett Gibbs, Director, Project Identify and Recognize at jangibbs@ix.netcom.com or (706) 546-6372.


You won’t want to miss this exciting time, which includes Armenian dancers, Armenian food, time for networking, recognition of past and present military, learning more about the New South and South Africa, and an opportunity to support the IFHE-US Development Fund!  Registration deadline: June 1, 2006.





Wednesday, June 21, 2006   3:45 – 8:30 p.m.

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____ 3:45 P.M. Hilton Charlotte & Towers

____ 4:00 P.M. Westin Charlotte


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2006 Calendar


Wednesday June 21

   -IFHE-US Pre conference Meetings

      8:30 am IFHE-US BOD

      11:00 am IFHE-US Business Meeting 

      3:45 pm-8:30 pm IFHE-US Development

               Fund Educational Event and Project

               Identify and Recognize Ceremony

June 22-25 --- AAFCS Annual Conference

                           and Expo  Charlotte, NC

  Saturday June 24

      7:00 am Division Business Meetings

      8:00 am Section Business Meetings

      10:30 am International Division Scholarship 

                      Recognition Event

 Sunday June 25

     9:30 am Pacesetter Brunch         



July 16-21   --- IFHE Council Meeting

                          Cape Town, South Africa

August 12    --- International Youth Day

Sept. 6-8      --- Annual DPI/NGO Conference

                          United Nations

October 5    --- International Day of Older Person

                     --- World Teachers Day      

October 16  --- World Food Day


Future IFHE Congress & Council Venues:

2008—XXI World Congress and

            100th Anniversary Celebration

                 Lucerne, Switzerland

2010—Council in Ireland


Check www.ifhe.org for additional dates.