IFHE-US  Connection

A Newsletter for Members of the International Federation for Home Economics in the USA

   Volume 6 Issue 1                                                                                         Spring 2004

IFHE-US Board of Directors

and Term of Office


President – 2004

Juanita Mendenhall

122 Point Lane

Ridgeway, NC 29130

Phone/Fax: 803-337-4012 (H)

Email: juanitam@usit.net


Director of Finance – 2004

Nancy Billings

706 Corlett Dr. SE

Huntsville, AL 35802-1906

Phone: 256-883-6229 (H)

Email: nncybllngs@aol.com


Director of Professional Development & Programs – 2006

Joanne Pearson

111 Countryside

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Phone: 540-961-5602 (H)

Email: pearsonjm@jmu.edu


Director of Communications – 2006

Nancy W. St.John

324 Diana Court

Harrisonburg, VA  22801-2694

Phone: 540-442-1482 (H)

Phone: 540-828-5459 (W)

Fax: 540-828-5479 (W)

Email: nstjohn@bridgewater.edu


Recorder – 2004

Sharon Christie

107 Dolphin Ave.

Galveston, TX 77550

Phone: 409-692-1519 (H)

Fax: 409-762-5279 (W)

Email: christieplace@aol.com


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A Message from the President

Juanita Mendenhall (SC)


The “promise of spring” and  newness of life” is in the air.  It is also a time for us to make some changes within our IFHE-US organization.  First, let’s start by welcoming our newly elected officers:  President will be Mary Andrews; Recorder, Mary (Kitty) Decker; IFHE-US Development Fund Chair, Sharon McManus; and Re-elected, Ruth Norman, Chair, Liaison to the United Nations.  These new officers are invited to join the current IFHE-US Board of Directors for their Annual Meeting in San Diego.  Current officers continue until after Congress in Kyoto, at which time outgoing officers will “retire” from current responsibilities.  We want to express our sincere thanks to Sharon Christie for her role as Recorder and Nancy Leidenfrost, for her role as chair of the IFHE-US Development Fund.  They will rotate off after serving extra long terms in office since we were all asked to accept extended terms to assure  continuity as we worked to establish the newly organized IFHE-US.  Of course, we also appreciate the work of our re-elected Ruth Norman and the other continuing officers as well.


Personally, I want to thank each of you for allowing me to serve as your President as we continued to establish the IFHE-US organization.  I have greatly appreciated your support over what seems like a pretty long time.  We began as the “Structure Committee” in 1995 that “birthed” the new organization in accordance with the new IFHE Constitution and Rules.  Our MOU with AAFCS was officially adopted in 1999.


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IFHE-US Board of Directors …………………………………………  1 and back cover                                           

IFHE-US Message from the President. ………………………………  1, 2

Results of Professional Development Survey…………………………  3

IFHE-US Development Fund Report and List of Contributions.……... 4

IFHE-US Fund Raising Event .……………………………………….. 4& 5

Project Identify & Recognize ..…………………………… …………. 5

Project Identify & Recognize 2nd Recognition Ceremony……………. 5

By-laws Amendment Proposal………………. ……….…………….. . 5 & insert

IFHE 20th World Congress Announcement…………………………… 6

IFHE 20th World Congress Tips & Resources ………………………... 6

Value of IFHE Connections  ………………………………………….  7

IYF 10th Anniversary and Special Celebration………………………. .  8

Application for IFHE/IFHE-US Membership………………………    11

2003 - 2004Calendar of Events……………………………………………Back cover




A message from the President     

continued from page 1


     IFHE is currently in a very strong position to move forward worldwide.  We have made a dramatic recovery from where we were in 2000 when IFHE voted to raise dues to bring us back from bankruptcy and establish a new headquarters.  IFHE-US, just last June, voted to keep our dues where they are today because we thought we had enough margin to wait a while to implement a dues increase.  Never did we expect the exchange rate to turn so dramatically against the US dollar—but it has.  (More than once the rate has been $1.29 per 1 Euro)  Our current dues do not even cover the cost in Euros to pay our dues bill.  AAFCS cannot pick up the difference, understandably, and cannot collect and send our dues until they are high enough to cover basic costs.


     The members of the Board of Directors voted by electronic caucus to immediately raise the dues and ask that members understand the serious bind we are in.  We are not opposed to revisiting the issue should the exchange rate improve, but until further notice, dues rates will be:

           Individual Memberships=$65.00;

            Organizational Memberships= $400.

These amounts just barely cover the costs when the transfer fees are paid.


     There will be almost no money for IFHE-US and AAFCS to split between us which is what we use to keep IFHE-US going and they use to partially pay staff to handle the dues related matters.  The vote to take this drastic measure was nearly unanimous, supported by all but one Board member.  We know this will be a strain on some individuals and organizations but suggest you be creative in finding ways to raise the money. For years some states have had fund raisers to get dues money. 


     Organizational Memberships are DUE NOW and because of the time situation you can pay them either directly to Nancy Billings or to AAFCS, but they are supposed to be paid by March 31 of each year.  No invoices have been sent by anyone to US organizations because no one can afford to do it.  If organizations need an invoice in order to get the bill paid, please email Nancy Billings who will make

one for you and send it electronically.


     Individuals can also pay through Nancy this time or REMEMBER that the $50.00 printed on the AAFCS invoice should read $65.  We will have to go to the added expense of sending letters to collect the difference if people forget or don’t know.  Therefore, it is necessary that each of you spread the word.  Hopefully you will be positive and supportive of this very difficult situation.  Membership IS worth it if you think about it.  Don’t forget! Your active participation ADDS VALUE.


     We hope to be able to have IFHE and IFHE-US materials archived at the same time and place as AAFCS.  Materials will be transferred to Cornell University where it will eventually be available through electronic retrieval.  Jenny Schroeder is coordinating what and how this will be done with AAFCS.


     Are you working to promote the International Year of the Family 10th Anniversary yet?  Many states and individuals are.  I’ve been to a number of state meetings where IYF+10 has been a major focus.  You will find a new PowerPoint presentation that you can download and use on our IFHE-US website; on the www.iyfanniversary.org website; and on the AAFCS website. Jorge Atiles, University of Georgia, and I collaborated on the program. Don’t forget your option of posting information about IYF on our www.iyfanniversary.org website through Mary Andrews.


     I do hope many of you will be joining us for both the IFHE-US Annual Meeting during AAFCS Convention and the XX World Congress in Kyoto, Japan.  Delegates and other participants will find the session “Going To Kyoto” very helpful in San Diego.  A list of Convention international events and sessions are listed in this newsletter.   Thanks again for allowing me the privilege of serving as your IFHE-US President and best wishes to Mary Andrews as she assumes the duties!

Juanita Mendenhall, President

The International Federation For

Home Economics-United States


To our own Nancy Leidenfrost who will be recognized June 28, at the AAFCS Pacesetter Dinner as a winner of the prestigious 2004 Distinguished Service Award.







Results of Professional Development Survey

Joanne M. Pearson,

Director Programs and Professional Development


     When opportunities for involvement in your professional organization, IFHE-US, are dropped in your lap, do YOU take advantage of them?  It would appear that some of you do.


     Since one of the missions of IFHE-US is to facilitate and promote opportunities for global involvement of its members, a survey was included in the Fall 2003 issue of IFHE-US Connection to solicit member suggestions about how the organization could best provide professional development opportunities for its members. A total of 29 members responded to this survey. The following percentages of respondents indicated that they would participate in various listed activities if provided by IFHE-US:


1.  Educational sessions at AAFCS Annual Meeting              79%

2.  International study tour within Region of the Americas     52%

3.  Half-day special focus workshop                                        45%

4.  Publicizing international exchanges for professionals        38%

5.  Pre-and Post-Council and Congress study tours                 24%

6.  Publicizing pre-and post-Congress study tours                  24%

7.  Publicizing international exchanges for preprofessionals  21%

8.  Serve on IFHE Programme or Council Committees          21%

9.  One-day special focus workshop                                        17%


     As a group, those who responded were long-time members of AAFCS, with 76% having been members for more than 20 years. Slightly more than half of the respondents, 55% indicated that they maintained CFCS status. Only 31% had been members of IFHE for more than 20 years, while 24% had been IFHE members for 10 years or less. Another 24% did not respond or did not know how long they had belonged to IFHE. Less than half, 45%, of the respondents had attended three or more of the last five AAFCS Annual Meetings. Attendance at IFHE Congress or Council Meetings varied greatly, with 48% either having gone no more than once, while 24 % had attended 4 times or more.

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     Just what do these responses tell us that can guide the organization in providing professional development activities?  It would appear that members would like the organization to provide educational sessions at the AAFCS Annual Meetings, although fewer than half of the respondents had regularly attended the meetings in recent years. It is interesting to note that several respondents indicated that IFHE-US should NOT be competing with AAFCS divisions to sponsor educational sessions at AAFCS Annual Meeting. Because more than half of the respondents maintain CFCS status, efforts should be continued by the leadership of the organization to complete necessary paperwork for granting continuing education credits at IFHE and IFHE-US sponsored programs.


    A new activity that should be pursued by IFHE-US would be to sponsor an international study tour within the Region of the Americas. This should be scheduled in a year when there is not an IFHE Council Meeting. Ideas about the objectives of such a study tour, and when and where it might be scheduled, should be sent to the Director of Professional Development, Joanne Pearson, for consideration by the Professional Development Committee.


     People who indicated an interest and willingness to serve on IFHE Programme and Council Committees should contact Sherry Betts, sbetts@ag.arizona.edu, IFHE Vice President for the Region of the Americas. She can provide more information about the committees and how to become involved.


    IFHE-US Professional Development programs can become as numerous and varied as there are members who are willing to step forward to become involved. I challenge you to share your ideas with me and with the other IFHE-US officers about specific programs that you would like to see our organization offer and together we can make it happen. We are a member-driven organization!






IFHE-US Development Fund Committee

Anticipates $60,000 Goal

Nancy Leidenfrost


     Our IFHE-US members have made it possible for IFHE to award a Development Fund Grant at the 20th IFHE World Congress.  Only your generous and annual contributions have resulted in this IFHE initiative.  The reality that the family is an institution and a valuable basic for the developing community will be reinforced in this award.  The grant objective of “reaching new audience” with educational programs is working on a global issue at the local level.

     The Quilt Project initiated by Carolyn Blount, IFHE Development Fund Chair, is for the committee to make a quilt.  We thank our members who sent “squares” and who plan to participate in an “opportunity drawing” in San Diego and at the 20th IFHE Congress. 

     We will host an IFHE—US Development Fund Educational Reception Event June 25 from 6:00 – 8:00 at Point Loma Nazarene University.  We will be using public transportation (bus) to get to the location (suggested by the university).

     It is anticipated with this event we will reach the $60,000 goal. A registration form is included below.


IFHE-US Development Fund Committee: Margaret E. Fitch, Mary Gilliland, Sharon McManus, Marguerite Scruggs, Nancy St. John, Josephine Turner, Nancy B. Leidenfrost,IFHE-US Development Fund Director



IFHE US Development Event,  June 2003                $2,704.88  Dedicated Generosity Category

Sharon McManus                                    $   750.00

Tahia Hira                                                                $   500.00

Vera I Arendsen                                      $   500.00


Sky Sponsor Category

Catherine Mumaw                                    $   200.00

Irene Ott                                                  $   150.00

Gwendolyn A. Newkirk                           $  150.00

Stars Category ($100)

Usha Chowdhary                     Elizabeth S. Weiss

Jean A. Shipman                      Elna Tanner

Nancy St. John                         Gretchen Ann Speerstra

Queen E. Bowman                   Kristine Long

Sharon Nickols                        Valentina and Paul Okaru

Maude Thevenot                      Darsene Baggett

Julia Faltinson Anderson         Mary K. Decker

Mary Turner Gilliland                              Laurette V. Moran

Sara Ayers Bagby                    Mary L. Andrews

James D. Moran III

Supporters Category ($50)

Marianne Calhoun McKeon     Gaillermina G. Valdez

Alberta D. Hill                         Virginia Caples

Margery G. McBurney             Lillie Beasley Glover

Ethel F. Farnsworth                 Sally L. Fortenberry

Nancy C. Billing                       Lois J. Alfsen

Sharon S. Redick                     Elizabeth A. Brown

Sherry C. Betts                         Norma J. Hetrick

Thelma M. Brown                    Beatrice H. Bagby

Doris Hanson                          Peggy Meszaros

Mary Craves                            Gail Jones

Marian L. Davis ($40)                             Katherine H. Brophy ($45)

Hazel Forsythe ($30)

Supporters Category ($25)

Ruth E. Norman                       Barbara E. Taylor

Rosina Cotruzzola                    Nancy H. Bull

Jane L. Luett                            Vera A. Gardner

Mary M. Hoffman                   E.B. Goldsmith

F. Colleen Steck                       Joyce Cotner

Juanita W. Odom                     Anita Falango Ferron

Susan M. Rickards                   David and Janet Stout

Wanda Ruth Beard                   Barbara Clawson

Marilyn S. Buck                       Elizabeth L. Stephenson

Constance Kratzer                    Jannett A. Gibbs     

Gregg McCullough                   Patricia Mogan

Sarah Whitmore                       Patricia Morgan

Ethel Cooper                            Susan Butts

V. Kay Fulkerson                    Carol Champaigne

Betty Weaver                           Margaret Jurkiewicz

Sarah R. Foulke ($20)                              Joan Allen-Peters ($15)

Candis Miller ($15)




Friday, June 25, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Name:    _____________________________



E-Mail  ____________________________

______ Master Card   _____ Visa

Card Number: __________________

Exp. Date: ____________________

______ Check:  Make payable to:

IFHE-US Development Fund


Mail, e-mail or phone registration to:

Dr. Nancy St. John

324 Diana Court

Harrisonburg, VA 22801


(O) 540-828-5459

(H) 540-442-1482






Project Identify and Recognize

Janette Gibbs and Rita Woods


     Recognition of servicepersons with degrees in home economics, dietetics, or related studies will be given to those who have registered with Project Identify and Recognize at the second Recognition Ceremony in San Diego, June 25, 2004.


     According to Janett Gibbs, director of Project Identify and Recognize, “The goal is to identify professionals and give them the recognition which they rightly deserve.”  Home economics professionals’ military accomplishments and contributions have been undocumented.  Exactly how many military servicepersons trained in home economics is presently unknown.  AAFCS International Division and IFHE-US initiated this program to identify those in its ranks who are veterans or who are currently serving in the US military. 


     Gibbs said any professional with a degree in home economics, dietetics, or related studies that have served or is currently serving in the US military can register with the Project Identify and Recognize by completing a confidential “personal data form.”  Contact Gibbs at 135 Meadowview Road, Athens, GA 30606.  Or email at jangibbs@ix.netcom.com or call (706)546-6372.


Invitations will be mailed to all servicepersons registered with the Project Identify and Recognize for the second Recognition Ceremony, which will be held at Veterans Center and Museum at the Old Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA on Friday, June 25, 2004, 1:00 to 5:00 pm.  Guest speaker will be Veteran of the Year Chaplain Darcy Pavich.  See the current issue of Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences or next column for registration information.




     Find the By-Law Amendment proposals as a pull-out insert of this issue of IFHE-US Connections.  Please read the proposals and bring the copy for consideration at the IFHE-US business meeting on Saturday, June 26 3:15-4:30 at the AAFCS Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA


Project Identify and Recognize  Honoring Family & Consumer Sciences Military Persons

Past and Present

Sponsors:  International Division &


Friday, June 25, 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Fee:  $35.00

     The Second Recognition Ceremony will be held at the Veterans Memorial Center and Museum in the Chapel of the Old Naval Hospital in Historic Balboa Park at 2114 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA

To register contact:


  Rita T. Wood

     PH: (856) 767-0012

     FX: (856) 767-0012

     Email:  rawood@rci.rutgers.edu


     Janett A. Gibbs, Project Director

     PH: (706) 546-6372

     FX: (706) 546-6372

     Email: jangibbs@ix.netcom.com

IFHE Program and Fundraising Event

Sponsor: IFHE-US

Friday, June 25, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Fee: $50.00 per person


     The IFHE-US Development Fund reception and program will be held in the Cunningham Reception Room located in Nicholson Commons on the Point Loma Nazarene University campus.  The address is 3900 Lomaland Drive, San Diego, CA 92106.  Dr. Marilyn Ambrose will be the featured speaker.  After early retirement from CSU Chico she entered the US Peace Corps, serving in Lithuania for two years.  Her most recent service experience has been with Habitat for Humanity  in the United States and most recently, New Zealand.  The title of her talk will be “ Journey of Services Around the World.


 See page 4 to register for this exciting event.







August 1-7 2004

Kyoto, Japan

See IFHE website for information and registration form



IFHE World Congress 2004

Tips and Resources

Catherine R. Mumaw


The XXth World Congress of the IFHE will convene in Kyoto, Japan from August 1 to 7, 2004. Early registration deadline is April 30, 2004 with a fee of  ¥ 40,000 for members. After May 1, 2004 the fee will be  ¥ 45,000. Registration fee at any time for students and accompanying persons is ¥ 20,000.


In choosing lodging accommodations in the city of Kyoto, try to locate near the subway station. This will give you easy access to the transportation to the Kyoto International Conference Hall as well as to many historic attractions in Kyoto, which can be easily reached by local bus or taxi.


The Congress will convene in the beautiful Kyoto International Convention Hall. The program offers a variety of educational and cultural experiences – from the plenary and concurrent sessions to the book fair, international market, exhibition, poster sessions, special tours, and the rare experience of a visit in a Japanese home. There are also pre-Congress and post-Congress tours to enrich the experience in Japan.  More details are available on the IFHE website: http://www.ifhe.org   


You can prepare for your trip to Japan by reading about the culture and researching the points of interest in your choice of these resources. The prices are as listed. However, your favorite used book website might offer these or others at a reduced cost.

Resources for Orientation to Japan-

Culture & Places to See


Ashburne, John & Abe, Yoshi. World Food Japan (for people who live to eat, drink & travel with local recipes & culinary dictionary). Victoria: Lonely Planet Publications, 2002. (UK £8.99 / US $13.99)


Davies, Roger, and Ikeno, Osamu (Eds.). The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture. Boston/Tokyo/Singapore: Tuttle Publishing, 2002. (US$ 14.95)


Durston, Diane. Old Kyoto. A Guide to Traditional Shops, Restaurants, and Inns. Tokyo: Kodansha International, 1986.


Norbury, Paul. Culture Smart! Japan. A quick guide to customs and etiquette. Portland, OR: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, 2003. Also Bravo, Ltd. (US $9.95)


Reid, T. R. Confucius Lives Next Door. What living in the east teaches us about living in the west. New York: Random House, 1999. (US $13.00)


Rowthorn, Chris, et al. Lonely Planet Japan (8th ed.). Melbourne/Oakland/London/Paris: Lonely Planet Publications, 2003.  (UK £16.99 / US $27.99)



IFHE Development Fund Project

The first IFHE Development Fund project is to be awarded at the 2004 IFHE Congress in Kyoto, Japan.  The project will be funded entirely from income generated by the Development Fund.  None of the capital investment will be used making it possible to fund future grants.  The project grants are intended to extend the programs of Home Economics to new audiences.  The selected project proposal may be granted from $1000 to $2000.





The Value of Connections

Made Through Participation in IFHE

Kathleen Stadler and Joanne Pearson


     Have you ever thought, ”How did he/she get to do that or to go there?” It is very possible that it was through the connections made while participating in a professional organization. That is, in fact, how Kathleen Stadler (VA) and Joanne Pearson (VA) had an opportunity to go to Ljubljana, Slovenia in February to lead a two-day seminar for nutrition and health professionals.


     Kathleen and Joanne have regularly attended the IFHE programme committee meetings held in Paris, Vienna, or Bonn during the last eight years. Also in attendance in recent years have been two faculty members, Dr. Verena Koch and Stojan Kostanjevec, from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. During the last eight years Kathleen has served as the chair of the Food Security and Nutrition Programme Committee and Joanne has served for eight years as the secretary of the Outreach to Central and Eastern Europe Programme Committee. In lengthy discussions following the Council meeting in Helsinki the idea of leading a several-day workshop developed. Last fall the plans for the workshop were finalized and a proposal for funding was submitted and approved from the Ministry of Health in Slovenia.


     The title of the workshop was “Healthy Nutrition Education for Different Groups of People.”  The program included a combination of lectures and hands-on workshops. Speakers included several leaders from the Slovene Ministry of Health, as well as Drs. Stadler and Pearson. Topics included Nutrition Education in the New Slovene Nutrition Policy, Sources of Nutrition Knowledge in Slovenia, Methods of Nutrition Education for Different Population Groups, Nutrition and Disease Prevention, and Collaboration with Various Organizations in Health Promotion. Workshops focused on healthy nutrition promotion for children, youth, adults, senior adults, and patients with chronic diseases.








    The audience for the workshop included nutrition educators, medical doctors, dietitians, nutritionists within governmental agencies, the food industry and schools. A total of 52 people participated in most of the sessions.


                Extensive numbers of food and nutrition education materials that had been developed by Kathleen Stadler for the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service were mailed ahead of time for use during the workshops. Unfortunately it took approximately 12 weeks for the materials to arrive, which was about 6 weeks after the program took place.  They were subsequently forwarded to each of the participants. Overall participant feedback to the program was very positive.


                Combining work with pleasure made for a very positive and memorable professional experience for both Drs. Stadler and Pearson. Further, combining the travel from the U.S. to Slovenia in conjunction with the trip to the Annual IFHE Leadership Meeting that was held in Bonn, Germany saved on flight expenses and time. The total time out of the U.S. to both Slovenia and Bonn was only eleven days.


International Quilt to be Raffled


Carolyn Blount has collected 40 or more squares to be assembled in a quilt to be raffled as a IFHE-US fund raiser at the IFHE 20th World Congress in Kyoto, Japan.  Funds raised by the event will go toward the IFHE Development Fund.  It is reported that several countries as well as many states of the United States will be represented in the completed quilt.  The quilt is expected to be completed by the AAFCS Annual Meeting in San Diego.



AAFCS 95th Annual Convention

And Exposition

June 26-29, 2004

Town and Country Resort & Convention Center

San Diego, CA








     In 1994 citizens around the world made a commitment to understand and support efforts to strengthen the basic human institution--the family. Now, during this 10th anniversary year, rededicate yourself and your colleagues to continue this never ending quest to enhance family life throughout the world. Are you planning something to celebrate the International Year of the Family 10th Anniversary, 2004?  You can act as an individual, family, organization, or as part of a larger movement--but do act. Everyone's contributions are needed to make the world a better place. You can help to support families--families in your own community or those across the oceans. You can act directly or through educating others or working for policy change. For ideas, go to the IYF Anniversary website designed by the AAFCS Task Force on the IYF Anniversary:



Also think about contributing to the Family Photo Contest at that site. Share your images of family. Photos are a wonderful way to identify with the human spirit that draws us together as one throughout the world. Let us know if you have events that can be posted to the calendar. Good luck as you add your talents to the endeavor.


Mary Andrews, Director International Extension & Coordinator, Professional


Michigan State University Extension

71 Agriculture Hall

East Lansing, MI 48824-1039

Phone: 517-432-3322; FAX: 517-432-7644






Thursday, May 13, 2004

Sponsored by the NGO Committee on the Family


Morning:              10am to 12:30 pm


Luis Ocampo, Under Secretary General,

Department of Economics

and Social Affairs


                Neorine Kaleeba,

Partnerships Advisor, UNAIDS


                Claude A. Allen, US Department of

Health and Human Services


Afternoon:           3pm to 5pm


                Peter Crowley, Vienna NGO

 Committee on the Family


                Dr. Felton Earls, Prof. Social Medicine

                Harvard Medical School,

Harvard University


                Nancy Leidenfrost,

International Federation for Home Economics


For further information or questions please contact:

Mary Miller (914) 683-8822 or

E-mail  seniorteach@earthlink.net


Or check the IFHE-US website


for Announcement and Registration form.



For two important events held in San Diego

prior to opening of AAFCS Convention

Friday, June 25, 2004

1:00 –5:00 Project Identify & Recognize 2nd Annual Reorganization Event

6:00 – 8:00 IFHE-US Development Fund Event Fundraiser

See this publication for registration information.










Ruth Norman

Liaison to UN


     NGOs work on issues.  These issues may be under study by UN agencies and commissions or they may be concerns expressed by an NGO group and presented to the UN or a combination of both.  Concern for emerging problems of the family was promoted by a group of family oriented NGOs who, lead by IFHE, presented a resolution to the General Assembly requesting an International Year of the Family.  The GA declared 1994 the International Year of the Family.

     During the past 10 years this basic concern for the family as a unit has continued to be under study by both the UN and NGOs, particularly the NGO committee on the Family.  Since the family includes women, children, the old and the young those groups who focus on these specific family members study the issues separately while the Family Committee integrates them.

     IFHE has membership in the Committee on the Family, Committee on the Family, Committee on the Status for Women, Committee on Aging, and the Working Group on Girls (UNICEF).

     Monthly meetings of these committees highlight speakers from the UN as well as the NGO community.  A wide variety of major problems facing the family are presented and discussed.  Below are a few of those issues covered in meetings during this year.

     EDUCATION: To educate a girl is to educate a family.  There is no tool for development this is more effective, no policy is as likely to raise economic productivity, lower infant mortality rate, improve nutrition and promote health including the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS.  Governments in developing countries have been building schools with the help of the UN and other aid agencies.  Problems: There may be few teachers, no books or materials.  And while government schools are free, fees may be necessary to operate thus keeping the neediest students from attending. 



     GENDER EQUALITY: Gender equality has been on “the agenda” since the 1995 Women’s Conference.  This past year it was given priority by the Commission on the Status for Women and the NGO Committee.  Included in equality is the inclusion of women in the peace process following any conflict and in the post-conflict governance.  However, if they are included in the constitution the

process of inclusion can begin. 

Problem:  Capable and educated women must be available to participate.  In some countries they may have left the country for a safe, secure life for their families.

     INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION:  This is an emerging issue with severe social effects for the family, especially the women and children.  Families migrate because of violence, natural disaster, discrimination and hope for a better life.  However, high unemployment and low wages for many force families to send children to work keeping them out of school.  In addition families are cut off from their familial support network; have language difficulties and loss of identity.

     CHANGES IN FAMILY STRUCTURES:  There has been a worldwide shift from extended to nuclear families along with a rise of one-person households.  Lower fertility rates and higher life expectancy contribute to a larger share of older persons in the overall population.  In developed countries 20% of the population is older than 60, by 2050 it will increase to 33%; in developing regions it will increase from 8% to 20%.

     HIV/AIDS:  This urgent health problem has had a devastating effect on families.  Grandmothers are raising grandchildren and children are growing up without parents.  While there is much publicity about the problem in Africa, it is a growing problem in Latin America and the far East.  In the two latter areas it is a topic not widely discussed, leaving families without information and the means to prevent or control it.

     POVERTY AND HUNGER:  A major over riding problem that affects the achievement of all goals.  The commitment by the member states to halve poverty by 2015 shows little evidence of being achieved.

     The scope of these issues indicate the extent of the problems faced by families, particularly those in developing countries.








Fill in the information below. Thank you.

(Please print.)









AAFCS Membership #, if applicable:















If retired, include last position held.












Zip Code:










































Where do you prefer to be contacted?













Membership type


$20 Student Member


$65 Individual Member


$400 Organizational Member*


$300 Associate Member*


          Name of Organizational/Associate Member Representative


If you pay through AAFCS,                         OR:  If you are not an AAFCS member

Please make check payable to AAFCS                  make check payable to IFHE-US  and indicate that it is for IFHE dues.                 Send it to:                              

Send to: IFHE Dues, AAFCS                                  Nancy Billings                       

            1555 King St.                                                 IFHE-US Director of Finance

            Alexandria, VA 22314                                  706 Corlett Dr. S.E.

                                                                                    Huntsville, AL 35802

IFHE-US Connections

324 Diana Court

Harrisonburg, VA  22812-2694



























Director, Liaison to the UN –2004

Ruth Norman

1904 20th Street, Apt. B-9

Bellingham, WA 98225

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Director IFHE-US Development Fund – 2004

Nancy Leidenfrost

235 South River Clubhouse Rd.

Harwood, MD 20776-9632

Phone: 410-798-6131 (H)

Fax: 301-261-4211

Email: CandNleid1@aol.com

Director, Chair of Nominating Committee - 2004

Alberta D. Hill

615 NW Polaris St.

Pullman, WA 99163

Phone: 509-332-7358 (H)

Fax: 509-335-1065

Email: hilla@coopext.cahe.wsu.edu

Director, Chair of International Division, AAFCS - 2003

Mary M. Warnock

20300 Springston Ford Rd

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Phone: 479-575-4310 (W)

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2004 Calendar


May 13, 2004

   IFHE-US and the IFHE NGOs Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of The International Year of the Family – United Nations, NY

May 15, 2004 

   The International Day of the Family

June 24-9 AAFCS 95th ( Times and/or dates subject to change)
   Annual Convention & Exposition and Pre-Convention Events

   Town & Country Resort , San Diego, California

June 24- Thursday

   1:00 to 5:00 - IFHE-US BOD meeting

June 25

   8:00 – 9:00 am Governance Orientation

   9:00 – 10:30 Governance Session IFHE-US

  10:30 – 12:00 IYF+10 Task Force Planning

   1:00 – 5:00 Identify & Recognize Event (Balboa Park)

   6:00 – 8:00 IFHE-US Development Fund Event

Point Loma Nazarene University

August 1-7, 2004

   20th IFHE World Congress, Kyoto, Japan

August 1, 2004

   IFHE Council Meeting, Kyoto, Japan

September 1, 2004

   Deadline for submitting items for Fall Connections