IFHE-US  Connection

A Newsletter for Members of the International Federation for Home Economics in the USA

   Volume 1 Issue 2                                                                                           Spring 2003


IFHE-US Board of Directors

and Term of Office


President – 2004

Juanita Mendenhall

122 Point Lane

Ridgeway, NC 29130

Phone/Fax: 803-337-4012 (H)

Email: juanitam@usit.net


Director of Finance – 2004

Nancy Billings

706 Corlett Dr. SE

Huntsville, AL 35802-1906

Phone: 256-883-6229 (H)

Email: nncybllngs@aol.com


Director of Professional Development & Programs – 2006

Joanne Pearson

111 Countryside

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Phone: 540-961-5602 (H)

Email: pearsonjm@jmu.edu


Director of Communications – 2006

Nancy W. St.John

324 Diana Court

Harrisonburg, VA  22801-2694

Phone: 540-442-1482 (H)

Phone: 540-828-5459 (W)

Fax: 540-828-5479 (W)

Email: nstjohn@bridgewater.edu


Recorder – 2004

Sharon Christie

107 Dolphin Ave.

Galveston, TX 77550

Phone: 409-692-1519 (H)

Fax: 409-762-5279 (W)

Email: christieplace@aol.com


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A Message from the President

Juanita Mendenhall (SC)


IFHE-US, the Region of the Americas of IFHE and the IFHE have each carried out successful programs and events this year.  Many of our members participated in them, which made for a busy, productive, internationally focused year.  Positive steps for each of these IFHE organizations are being taken.  As you read this Newsletter you will be updated and/or reminded about many of them and our important work.  Officers and committees are working hard at all levels to ensure a vibrant, professional International Home Economics/Family and Consumer Sciences Organization—one that moves successfully forward to meet our mission and goals worldwide.  You will see that our Program of Work for the IFHE-US is ambitious BUT achievable with your help!  Read it carefully to see where you can best contribute and BE SURE the appropriate member of the Board of Director’s  knows of your willingness to assist. 


Our IFHE-US website has the latest IFHE newsletter for you to download and decide where you might contribute to the parent organization as well.  You won’t want to miss this newsletter or other information shared at www.ifhe-us.org. Check BOTH our website and IFHE’s website www.ifhe.org regularly as they are important instruments for communication with our members.         continued page 2                                                            

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IFHE-US Board of Directors …………………………………………1 and back cover                                           

IFHE-US Message from the President ……………………………………1, 2

IFHE-US Plan of Work 2002-2004 ………………………………………3

AAFCS 94th Annual Convention and Exhibition Events.…………………4

International Year of the Family 2004 ……………………………………5

Eradicating Poverty ………………………………………………………6

IFHE World Congress Pre-tour …………………………………………..6

Sustainability and the Role of Home Economics ……….………………..7

International Research Collaboration Opportunity ………………………8

IFHE-US Development Fund  Plan of Work …………………………….8

The 20th IFHE World Congress 2004 …………………………………….9

Helen Strow International Service Award ………………………………..9

Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts ……………………………………..9

Reviewers Wanted ………………………………………………………..9

The Scissors Lady ………………………………………………………..10

World Food Day ………………………………………………………….10

Who’s Who At the UN/NYC …………………………………………….11

IFHE Student & Pre-Professional Organization …………………………11

2003 Calendar of Events………………………………………………..Back cover





A message from the President     

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A quick summary of our summer IFHE programs, 2002:  Texas Christian University was the site of our Region of the Americas workshop.  Forty-four leaders from North, South, Central America and the Caribbean participated in a train the trainer conference.  The themes were “The Eradication of Poverty” and preparation for the “10th Year Anniversary of the International Year of the Family-2004.”  Both topics are initiatives of the United Nations.   Both IFHE and AAFCS have NGO consultative status with UN committees at various locations around the world.  


At AAFCS Convention in Dallas, members and friends of IFHE participated in the many international programs offered.  Our special guest at many of those programs was IFHE President, Gertraud Pichler from Vienna, Austria.  She brought greetings from the IFHE organization as well as giving presentations at several sessions. 


Over 60 members and friends from the US attended the IFHE Council Meeting in Helsinki, Finland in July, where important business of the Federation was conducted.   Our new Vice President for the Region of the Americas, Dr. Sherry Betts, took office at the end of the Council and will serve until the 2006 Council in Cape Coast, South Africa.  We offer Sherry our full support as she works with the new committee established to strengthen the Region over the next several years.


Be particularly aware of the special project, “Identify and Recognize,” that is under way to identify all home economists/family and consumer individuals that served or are serving in the US military.  There will be a special program in Washington, D.C. on Friday afternoon, June 27,  just prior to the AAFCS convention that will spotlight work to date about this project.  Also, you won’t want to miss the Development Fund International Reception on Friday evening at the American Red Cross Headquarters.  See details for both on the website and in this newsletter (pg. 4).


IFHE Headquarters in Bonn is running well. On the IFHE website as well as the IFHE-US website you will find information about the 2004 Congress

that will be held in Kyoto, Japan, such as when and where research abstracts and practitioner displays are due. Other IFHE venues that have already been identified are:  Cape Coast, South Africa, Council, 2006; Frieberg, Switzerland, the 100th Anniversary celebration, 2008; Sidney, Australia, 20--.  Planning ahead to be involved in International activities can be very rewarding.  Memberships can be paid through AAFCS or the IFHE-US Finance Director or check out the websites mentioned for more information. 


IFHE-US gratefully acknowledges the willingness of Dr. Nancy St. John, Bridgewater College, VA, to accept the appointment by the IFHE-US Board of Directors to the position Director of Communications for the tenure of 2002-2006.  Dr. Kinsey Green was unable to continue in this position due to unforeseen circumstances.  We certainly wish Kinsey well in her endeavors and look forward to the contribution that Nancy will be able to make in the communications arena.  We continue to believe that communication needs to be our number one priority as an organization and apologize to members for the length of time between our newsletters this time.   For future newsletter contributions you wish to make, please send information to Dr. St. John at the address on the cover of this newsletter by the deadlines indicated.  Thank you for your continued support as IFHE-US members.


Juanita Mendenhall, President

The International Federation For Home Economics-United States  



A Reminder from Corinna DURR, Executive Director, IFHE


This year’s World Home Economics Day is just over and hopefully your activities have been successful.  These activities often require a long time for planning.  Therefore I want to provide you now with the topic of next year’s World Home Economics Day on 21st March 2004,  Families: ”Changes and Challenges”.  In November 2003 I will provide you with a press release concerning the topic of World Home Economics Day. 






IFHE-US Plan of Work 2002-2004

Joanne Pearson (VA)

IFHE-US Director of Programs


Goal One: Strengthen communications and networks

·         Continue to communicate to members through fall and spring newsletters and increasingly rely on electronic communications to distribute these newsletters and other timely information to the membership.

·         Develop and use the IFHE-US web site to communicate with members and potential members.

·         Enlarge and encourage use of the electronic membership information system. Continue to update records and to try to reconcile records routinely with the IFHE directory in Bonn and with AAFCS headquarters.

·         Continue to work with colleagues in AAFCS International Division to clarify and support the different roles and opportunities offered by the parallel organizations.

·         Continue to co-host various internationally oriented networking events at AAFCS Annual Meeting such as program sessions and International Breakfast.

·         Contribute to the work of the United Nations by representing the voice of the profession and communicate important developments and issues from the UN to the membership through such means as articles in the IFHE-US newsletter and AAFCS publications and program sessions at AAFCS Annual Meeting.

·         Continue to assist and support the efforts of  "Project Identify and Recognize", whereby home economists who have served in the United States military are identified, thus adding to the history of the profession.

·         Hold elections to replace Board of Directors members' rotating off the Board in 2004.


Goal Two: Provide educational services and support for international involvement of members.

·         Create multiple avenues of outreach to educate and inform members of important international issues, events and opportunities ( i.e. AAFCS publications and web site, IFHE-US publications and web site, sessions at AAFCS annual meeting).

·         Encourage IFHE-US member involvement at the international level through participation in IFHE committee work and participation in and attendance at international events ( i.e. Programme and Council committees, Congress in Kyoto, Japan in 2004, Caribbean Home Economics meeting in 2003). IFHE-US will be represented at the IFHE Council in Japan with voting delegates.

·         Promote, expand and highlight "Matching" opportunities for both individuals and groups to create viable exchanges with peers internationally.

·         Promote activities, nationally and at state levels, related to International Day for Home Economics (2003 theme: "Skills for Everyday Life through Home Economics") and 10th Anniversary celebrations in 2004 of the "International Year of the Family", including exploring the possibility of a workshop at the UN for IFHE-US and AAFCS members.

·         Review research abstracts for Congress in Japan submitted by IFHE-US members and forward the results to the IFHE Research Committee for final evaluation and selection.

·         Continue to prepare materials for the 100th anniversary of IFHE in 2008.







IFHE-US Program of Work      

continued from page 3


Goal Three: Contribute to the IFHE Development Fund

·         Raise $20,000 prior to the 2004 AAFCS Annual Meeting, bringing the fund that earns interest to support special projects throughout the world to $60,000. This will be accomplished through such efforts as annual fund-raising letters to all members and a cultural program to be held at Annual Meeting in Washington, DC in 2003 organized by the Development Fund Committee, members in the DC Metropolitan area and in collaboration with international colleagues.




Goal Four: Develop long-range plans for meeting the professional development needs of members

·         Survey members to identify their professional development needs and begin to plan programs to meet those needs.

·         Explore ways to develop persons for leadership roles by such means as providing opportunities for leadership development and identifying potential IFHE-US and IFHE leaders.

·         Explore development of programming for student members of IFHE-US and student and professional international exchanges.




AAFCS 94th Annual

Convention & Exposition

June 28 – July 1, 2003

Hilton Washington & Towers



“Honoring FCS Servicewomen ---Past and Present” at The Women’s Military Service Memorial Education Center, Arlington National Cemetery.

Friday June 27, 2003

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Cost: $25.00


     Join your colleagues in honoring the FCS women who have served our country. A reception will conclude this special affair.  For more information and to register please contact:


Rita T. Wood,

Vice Chair of International Division.

Phone: 609-265-5051

Fax: 609-265-5613

Email: wood@aesop.rutgers.edu

International Federation for Home Economics Development Fund Reception Event

“The Red Cross International Public Health Program: Power of Private Sector Partnerships”

Friday, June 27, 2003

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Cost: $50.00


     The reception will be held at the American Red Cross, E Street Ball Room, N.W. (between 17th and 18th Street N.W.) Washington, D.C.  Mr. Mark Grabousky will be the featured speaker.  The program will provide insight into new educational opportunities and will include discussion and questions with the speaker.  The event will include a tour of the beautiful Tiffany Room.

For registration contact: Dr. Nancy St.John

540-828-5459 (W) or 540-442-1482 or



Visa or Master Card payments will be accepted by phone or by sending the registration form included in this mailing.   (See insert)






10th Anniversary

International Year of the Family

Juanita Mendenhall, IFHE-US President


It is not too early to begin plans at the state and local level for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the “IYF.”  Do you recall the many, many efforts made in 1994 to launch and then sustain our efforts toward strengthening families at the grassroots level?  Most of us participated at some level in 1994 and we need to do so more than ever in 2004!   The stellar publication, Families in Transition,

edited by Nancy Leidenfrost, was dedicated to the IYF and published by IFHE.  If you are fortunate enough to have a copy, it will be a wonderful resource for working on your local plans.


Family and Consumer Science/home economics professionals belonging to IFHE were influential in proposing that the International Year of the Family be declared by the United Nations General Assembly.   Our challenge after the “Year” was to keep efforts alive, giving special emphasis to “The International Day of Family” on May 15 of each year.  We would like to know of any specific efforts that our members, communities or states have made in this regard over the last nine years.  Please send me any information you may have that will detail work that has been done.


There are already committees at the National and International levels working on plans for the 10th Anniversary.  We encourage all states to appoint a chair for the 10th year emphasis.  The UN website has information available that can be used.  You will be hearing more about plans at AAFCS Convention where we expect to create a new ACTION GROUP for addressing the IYF 10th Anniversary.  Watch for details but begin thinking and work locally now so we have creative, concrete input for our ACTIONS.


A recent memo from our NGO representative in New York included the following statement from Secretary General, Kofi Annan.  “In recognition of

the International Day of Family, May 15, 2003, and the tenth anniversary of the International Year of the Family (2004), we cannot forget that poverty, disease and all forms of violence have significant negative impact on families.”  Our contribution to this effort is extremely important.  Our profession (we) have much to contribute in strengthening families.




Charles B. Leidenfrost


This fall many of us lost a dear friend and a great supporter of IFHE and IFHE-US.  Charles Leidenfrost, husband to IFHE-US Board member and past IFHE President, Nancy Leidenfrost, died on October 27, 2002 after a valiant battle with leukemia.  Many of us remember Charles for his enthusiastic support of the many projects for which he has given his time and energy.  Charles not only accompanied Nancy as she fulfilled her responsibilities with IFHE but was a contributing participant in the many endeavors accomplished by and for IFHE and IFHE-US.  He was invaluable in the contributions he made to the publication Families in Transition.  Many of us remember him from his many trips with Nancy, the most recent being the IFHE Council Meeting in Helsinki, Finland this past summer.  Charles has written memories of his very interesting life, Sors Bona, Nihil Ahad (Good Fortune, Nothing Else). 


For any of you who wish to do so, memorial contributions may be made in remembrance of Charles to the IFHE-US Development Fund by sending your memorial to Dr. Nancy St.John, 324 Diana Court, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.




Coming Soon to the IFHE Website…

Food Security Survey


The Food Security and Nutrition Programme Committee of the International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE) is interested in the knowledge, practices, and perceptions related to food security issues for Home Economists around the world.  This information will be used at the 2004 IFHE World Congress in Kyoto, Japan.


The survey will be available on the IFHE website http://www.ifhe.org by June 2003.  Please encourage all professionals within the field of home economics or family and consumer sciences to complete this survey.  Please advertise this survey at local conferences or meetings.  For more information contact Kathleen Stadler at stadler@vt.edu







IFHE Region of Americas 2002 Conference

 Alberta Hill (WA)


The multiple dimensions of poverty and the interrelated causes of poverty were the emphases of the opening address by Dr. Gertraud Pilcher, Austria, President of the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE), at the IFHE Region of Americas 2002 Conference held at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, June 20 and 21, 2002.  Forty-three registrants from seven countries participated in the conference.


Dr. Sally Fortenberry, Department Chair, Design and Merchandising, Texas Christian University, served as program coordinator and was responsible for the physical arrangements and hospitality for the Conference.  Tarrant County Texas Cooperative Extension Agents assisted with the programming and arranged for field trips to a site visit of food production and gardening and to a nutrition education program for economically disadvantaged youth in the inner city neighborhoods.


Dr. Mabel Cordini, from faculty of Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, described a graduate program for social projects focusing on poverty.  The program explores “theoretical and practical activities of social projects impacting domestic and national socio-economic, cultural, political, moral and ethical problems and its related consequences”.  Cordini shared objectives, methods and techniques of the program and noted that this is a cooperative program involving instructors from several disciplines.   The focuses of the program are: children and adolescents at risk, violence, drugs and environment.


In her paper on “Food and Nutrition Strategies for Poverty Reduction in Guyana:”, Janice Archibald, Director of Food  Policy, Ministry of Health in Guyana and  President of Caribbean Association for Home Economics, reported on the national strategy  which aims at: maintaining a sound macroeconomic trade and investment framework; improving the business environment; maintaining and expanding economic infrastructure; improving social services; and implementing intervention programs in areas where poverty levels still remain high.


In addition to much informal sharing, one session was devoted to group discussions addressing two questions:  (1) What are you doing to prevent or eradicate poverty; and (2) How are you letting other people know of the contributions of home economists/family and consumer scientists? 


An auxiliary object of the conference was to consider follow-up of the UN Year of the Family.  Mary Miller, IFHE NGO Representative to the UN in New York,and Ruth Norman, former UN Representative, presented plans and challenges for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family. 


A special feature of the conference was a report by Dr. Geraldene Hodelin, Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies, University of Technology, Jamaica and Executive Member of IFHE who had represented IFHE at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) meeting in Cuba.  “We believe we made a meaningful contribution to the discussions and deliberations that led to the formulation of a Declaration and ultimately a Plan of Action that was developed for presentation at the Rome summit”, Holedin said.  Leonie Clarke, Head of Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Technology accompanied Hodelin, and later was able to attend the Consultation preceding the World Food Summit in Rome, added to this report.






Join Janett Gibbs for a journey through Japan before attending the IFHE 20th World Congress in Kyoto, August 1 - 7, 2004.  We will spend 7 days visiting such sites as Tokyo, Kegon Waterfalls in Nikko and the Great Buddha at Kamakura.  We will visit Lake Asahi and the thermal springs of Hakone National Park.  No tour of Japan would be complete without a visit to the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima and to the city of Nora to see the Kasuga Shrine.


A flyer with more information will be distributed at AAFCS Annual meeting in Washington DC.  Full details with prices and registration form will be available in September, 2003. Remember:







Sustainability and the Role of Home Economists

Joanne Pearson


There are many personal and professional rewards that come from being actively involved in one or more of the many committees of the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE). Once every four years the IFHE Congress is held at a location somewhere around the world. In 2000 the Congress was in Accra, Ghana, and in 2004 it will be in Kyoto, Japan. IFHE Council Meetings, where the formal business decisions of the organization are transacted, are held once every 2 years, at the time of IFHE Congress and then two years later. The most recent Council Meeting was last summer in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to these meetings there are Annual Meetings of the Programme Committees and Council Committees. For the

last several years the Annual Meetings have been held in Vienna, Austria, the home city of the President of IFHE, Gertraud Pichler. The meetings next February will be held in Bonn, Germany, the location of the IFHE Secretariate.


In addition to having several days devoted to committee meetings as a part of the Annual Meetings, the participants are fortunate to have a plenary session presented by noted global scholars. The thought-provoking program this year was entitled "Sustainability and the Role of Home Economists". The panel of speakers included Professor Dr. Franz J. Radermacher of the Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing, Ulm, Germany; Hilda Stewart, President of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) from the United Kingdom; and Professor Dr. Elisabeth Leicht-Eckardt, University of Applied Sciences, Osnabruck, Germany.


Professor Radermacher entitled his presentation "Peaceful Coexistence and Clash of Cultures in a Global Information Society: Approaching the Future the Balanced Way". He asked whether the globalization process had to continue to be as destructive as it is today, or whether there was another way. He proposed that the European Market Model, the Eco-Social Market Economy, or the "Balanced Way" would be better.


This is a way in which richer parts of the world promote the development of the economically weaker countries by way of co-financing. The idea corresponds roughly to the Marshall Plan that the U.S. conducted in Europe after World War II.


Ms. Stewart focused on the impact of rural women on sustainability. She stressed that sustainable development can only be achieved through empowerment and respect for human rights, through access to food and social and economic development. "Sustainable development will only materialize with the elimination at all levels, both in law and practice, of gender discrimination and through the promotion of policies which address the real day to day difficulties that rural women, particularly in developing countries, face in relation to access to clean water, sanitation, land ownership, credit, and financial returns for their labour." She indicated that ACWW and IFHE should work together to lobby decision makers to influence strategies for the future that empower people and ensure their human rights.


Dr. Leicht-Eckardt addressed issues specific to the field of home economics and how they relate to sustainability. The UN World Summit on

Sustainable Development took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, in September 2002. Five key themes were addressed including water, energy, health, agriculture and biodiversity, with the emphasis being on translating the issues into concrete plans of action. She challenged home economists to select a specific topic from the list of most important tasks for the 21st Century adopted at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, and to develop and carry out projects in that area.


!! Plan Ahead !!


International Year of the Family

10th Anniversary

February 1, 2004

Deadline for submitting items for

Spring Connections

March 21, 2004

World Home Economics Day

May 15, 2004

The International Day of the Family

August 1-7, 2004

20th IFHE Congress

Kyoto, Japan






Joanne Pearson


This is an opportunity for research collaboration between scientists, especially females, from the U.S. with researchers in other parts of the world. As an international organization of professionals, IFHE and IFHE-US try to publicize such opportunities for its members.  A brief overview of this partnership program is presented below. More information can be found on the American Association for the Advancement of Science web site at: http://www.aaas.org/international/wiscnew.shtml



The Women's International Science Collaboration Program (WISC) is a partnership between the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Science Foundation to increase the participation of women in international scientific research. WISC awards on a competitive basis small travel grants to U.S. scientists to plan and design new collaborations with colleagues in Central/Eastern and Western Europe, the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union, Near East, Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Pacific, and Asia. These activities are expected to lead to full research proposals that are submitted to the National Science Foundation or other funders. Please note that for 2003 and future rounds, Western Europe has been added to the geographical areas being covered. Each grant, up to $4,000 or $5,000 (depending on region), will provide travel and living support for a US scientist to visit a partner country. When appropriate, an additional grant of up to $4,000 or $5,000 may be made to an American co-PI for the same purpose. The grant does not cover salary or institutional expenses (e.g., overhead). US scientists can spend up to four weeks in the partner country to plan and design research collaboration. Grant funds can also be used to cover material and supplies needed during the stay. With the approval of AAAS administrators, funds can be used to support a second visit to the partner country or for a foreign partner to travel to the US when such a visit is deemed necessary. The grants are not to be used for the sole purpose of attending conferences or workshops or teaching or training.

 continued,  page 10

IFHE—US Development Fund

Plan of Work 2002—2004

N.B. Leidenfrost


Committee Membership:

Margaret E. Fitch, OK

 Sharon McManus, OH

Nancy St.John, VA

Mary Thompson, UT

Financial Subcommittee:

Mary Gilliland, CA.

Peg Hoffman, IL

Marguerite Scruggs, OK.

Josephine Turner, FL and

Nancy B. Leidenfrost, MD. Director


OBJECTIVES:  The purposes of IFHE—US Development Committee are:

  • To support the IFHE Development Fund, established in 1996 and to publicize its various categories of bequests.

The categories are: Corporate Giving, Endowments, Memorials,

Memoranda of Agreement, Deferred Gifts, Estate Bequests, Personal Gifts and Grants

  • To develop and propagate a US strategy and initiate action that will engender contributions to the Fund.


PLAN: The IFHE—US Development Fund Committee reviewed the 2000-2004 Plan of Work and established a $20,000 goal prior to the 2004 Annual Meeting, bringing the Fund to $60,000.


Planned strategies are:

  • A fundraising letter to the membership in October, 2002 and October,  2003
  • A cultural program to be held at the Annual Meeting, 2003 in Washington, organized by the Committee and selected Metropolitan area members and in collaboration with international colleagues. This event will be used, among other purposes, to promote membership and the Kyoto Congress, 2004.  IFHE, AAFCS members and guests will be invited.


An IFHE-US request was presented to IFHE who announced  a request for proposals at the July 2002 Council to be funded/awarded at the 2004 Congress in Kyoto.





The 20th IFHE World Congress 2004


All IFHE Members Are Cordially Invited to the 20th IFHE World Congress in KYOTO

Hosts: The Japan Society of Home Economics Sunday, 1st August, 2004 to

Saturday, 7th August, 2004

Kyoto International Conference Hall

Takaraga-Ike, Sakyo-ku,

Kyoto, 606-0001 Japan

Theme: Co-operation and Interdependence

Fostering Leadership in Home Economics for Healthy Communities


Toyoko SAKAI, President of JSHE

 & Chair of the Steering Committee

Email: “T Sakai” liqwel@alles.or.jp



Vice President for Asia

Email: “S Sawai”  seisai@mis-n.med.akita-u.ac.jp

Fax: +81-18-889-2552


JSHE Secretariat

Address: Gakuendai-Haitsu 502,

 2-1-15 Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku,

Tokyo,  112-0012, Japan

Tel: +81-3-3947-2627

Fax: +81-3-3947-5397



Call for Papers

Deadline August 15th, 2003

See IFHE website for applications




Helen Strow International Service Award

Submissions are being accepted for the Helen Strow International Service Award.  Submissions must be received by July 1, 2003.  The award will be given at IFHE Congress, 2004, Kyoto, Japan from the College of Human Ecology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA. Go to the IFHE website to download an application.


Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts

IFHE 20th World Congress

Kyoto, Japan


See the IFHE web page www.ifhe.org for detailed instructions for submitting abstracts for consideration at the IFHE World Congress,

August 1-7, 2004.


Listed below are specific details for IFHE members in the United States.


All abstracts from IFHE members in the United States should be sent by the specified deadline of August 15, 2003 to:

     Joanne M. Pearson, IFHE-US Director

     Professional Development and Programs

     111 Countryside Court

     Blacksburg, Virginia 24060

     mail: pearsojm@jmu.edu


Research abstracts will be screened and ranked by a committee of IFHE-US members and then forwarded to the chair of the IFHE Research Committee prior to October 1, 2003. Practitioner abstracts will be forwarded to the chair of the appropriate IFHE Programme Committee (Consumer Issues and Family Resource Management, Home Economics Policies in Education and Training, Women and Families in Development, or Food Security/ Nutrition) as soon as they are received and by the deadline of August 15th.


The IFHE Research or appropriate Programme Committee will make final selection of papers. Notification of acceptance will be mailed to the first author in December, 2003.


Reviewers Wanted

Individuals willing to serve on the U.S. jury to screen and rank research abstracts submitted for presentation at IFHE Congress in Japan are asked to contact Joanne Pearson as soon as possible. This can be sent to her at pearsojm@jmu.edu

or telephone at 540-961-5602. The reviews will take place between August 20 and September 15. Results of the review process from the U.S. will then be forwarded to the IFHE Research Committee at the end of September for final evaluation and notification of papers selected for presentation at the 2004 IFHE Congress.







Janett Gibbs has collected 14,000 pairs of scissors since 9-11-01.  These were confiscated from air travelers at the Atlanta, GA airport.


In late September, 2001, during a news broadcast one of the TV stations in Atlanta showed boxes of knives, scissors and guns that had been confiscated from air travelers at security points.  She contacted the Manager of the Lost and Found Department at the airport and asked for the scissors.  She described the work in Liberia, West Africa, and in other countries that she and fellow home economists have participated in through International Home Economics Services, Inc. and informed him that the scissors would be used in similar projects world wide.


The first box of scissors Gibbs received contained 500 pair of scissors.  That number has grown to a total of 14,000 as of February 1, 2003.  During that time Gibbs has become known at the Atlanta airport as that “Scissors Lady.”


Seven thousand pair of scissors have been packaged in sacks of 25 and included in craft supplies and sent to other countries, primarily Liberia, but also to India, Haiti, Jamaica, and Russia.  Gibbs networked with the Lutheran Synod in Lewisburg, PA, Operation Classroom of the General United Methodist Church, and Baptist Churches in Georgia. These organizations ship by overseas containers two or three times per year and have allowed Gibbs to send boxes of scissors and craft supplies.


Some colleagues have taken small numbers on their own to various countries.   Dr. Mary Andrews, Michigan State University Extension reported scissors have been distributed to four groups of rural women in India through NGO’s in the area.  Of one she said, “This NGO works in a rural area untouched by other development agencies.  They are working to enroll self-help groups who are trying to generate extra income through crafts, food processing and petty trade.”    


These confiscated items that would have been destroyed are now being used in Third World developing countries, a resource they cherish.

Research Collaboration                continued from page 8


This  program is administered by AAAS. The grantee's home institution will be responsible for overseeing the grantee's adherence to NSF and federal guidelines regarding administration of the grant.



Men and women scientists who have their Ph.D.s or equivalent research experience are eligible to apply. They must be US citizens or permanent residents of the US. Applications from male co-PIs must be accompanied by an application from a female co-PI as part of a US research team, except as noted below for the Americas. Graduate students (Ph.D. candidates) are also eligible to apply, if they will be conducting research in an established Ph.D. program in the US. Government employees can only apply if they also are affiliated with another institution eligible to receive NSF grants (e.g., an adjunct professorship at a university). Scientists who have received their doctoral degrees within the past six years will receive special consideration, as will scientists applying to work with colleagues in less frequently represented countries and regions.

NEXT DEADLINE: July 15, 2003


World Food Day

October 16


The AAFCS International Division requests that our members sponsor educational programs in observance of World Food Day, October 16th of each year.  As we guild new alliances and explore new ways to work together, our goal must be to help empower people in need to add their efforts to ours in developing solutions to save the thousands of lives lost daily from hunger-related causes.


For more information, please contact Nancy Leidenfrost, AAFCS World Food Day Advisory Committee, 2003 at candnleid1@aol.com


Feeding Minds Fighting Hunger is a world wide education initiative about hunger issues for school children of all ages.  For lessons and teaching objectives see www.feedingminds.org









Ruth Norman, IFHE-US UN Liaison


Mary Miller, IFHE Representative

Co-Chair, NGO Committee on the Family



Mary Covington,

Co-Chair – Annual Celebrations

International Day of Older Persons

Eileen Gallagher Labiner,

Treasurer,  NGO Committee on the Family

Vera Rivers



Committee on the Family:  The Committee on the Family (CF) has been preparing for the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family to be held in 2004.  Special speakers are invited to their monthly meetings identifying those issues of current concern in evaluating the needs of the family and the way in which the situation has improved or deteriorated during the past decade.


Each member organization of CF has been asked to compile the activities of the organization related to IYF they have undertaken since 1994.  State and local AAFCS groups submitted a wide variety of activities undertaken since 1994 and are asked to submit an evaluation of the effectiveness of those projects as well as new projects developed during the past 10 years.  These will all be part of the 10th Anniversary celebration.


DPI/NGO Annual Conference:  For the past 3 years Eileen Labiner has worked with the Planning Committee for the Annual DPI/NGO Conference, a three day meeting which draws over 1000 NGOs from around the world.  Eileen welcomes names of HOME ECONOMISTS with professional international experience from around the world who would be interested in adding their names to the “speakers list” for future conference presentations and/or UN committee workshops.  Even if a speaker is not chosen, IFHE becomes more visible with each CV submitted.



Mary Covington is an active member of this committee and has worked on and attended conferences both at the UN in NY and internationally in Madrid at the World Assembly

in April, 2002.  As co-chair of the annual celebration of the International Day of Older Persons in October, 2002, she identified and contacted speakers both from the UN and from the metropolitan area.



The Commission on Social Development (CSD)


NGOs, either individually or collectively, can submit written statements that can be handed out or given orally at the CSD.  IFHE NGOs have been involved in writing statements for the past decade.  For the past three years, Mary Miller has given the statement for the Family Committee orally to the Commission on Social Development.  These written statements are available from IFHE members.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:  Mary Miller, IFHE NGO, seniorteach@earthlink.net



IFHE Student and Pre-professional

Affiliate Organization

Annual Leadership Meeting

Vienna, 2003


The development of a student and pre-professional affiliate of the International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE) was proposed by Lyn Dart, PhD, RD, LD (Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX) and Anna Mudukuti, PhD (Zayed University, United Arab Emirates) to delegates from 22 countries at the 2003 - IFHE Annual Leadership Meeting in Vienna. 


In an effort to assess the feasibility of sustaining student chapters, a two-year trial program was proposed. Following the trial program, primary initiatives will focus on the active role of student and pre-professional affiliates in the future direction of IFHE. Organizational objectives will include expanding the number of student chapters, exchanging opportunities and summer internships, collaborative research, and Job Banking and professional opportunities for the post-graduate student.


Interested IFHE members associated with University/Institution students in Home Economics / Family Sciences may contact Dr. Lyn Dart for additional information at l.dart@tcu.edu


IFHE-US Connections

324 Diana Court

Harrisonburg, VA  22812-2694



























Director, Liaison to the UN –2004

Ruth Norman

1904 20th Street, Apt. B-9

Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone/Fax: 360-676-2255 (H)

Email: Redla57@aol.com


Director IFHE-US Development Fund – 2004

Nancy Leidenfrost

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Phone: 410-798-6131 (H)

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Director, Chair of Nominating Committee - 2004

Alberta D. Hill

615 NW Polaris St.

Pullman, WA 99163

Phone: 509-332-7358 (H)

Fax: 509-335-1065

Email: hilla@coopext.cahe.wsu.edu


Director, Chair of International Division, AAFCS - 2003

Naomi Hunt

11805 B Taffy Bagley Rd.

El Paso, TX 79936

Phone/Fax: 915-591-7705

Email: nomo11@prodegy.net


2003 Calendar


Thursday, June 26, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.


Friday, June 27, 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

“Honoring FCS Servicewomen – Past and Present”

Friday, June 27, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

IFHE-US Development Fund Reception Event

June 28-July 1

AAFCS 94th Annual Convention & Exposition

Saturday, June 28, 8:00-11:00 a.m.

AAFCS Governance Session

Saturday, June 28, 3:30-5:00

IFHE-US Business Meeting (all members)

Sunday, June 29, 2:00-3:00

Educational Session: “Preparing for Kyoto”

July 1, 2003

Deadline to apply:  Strow Award

July 15, 2003

Deadline for AAAS Collaboration Proposals

August 15, 2003

Deadline to submit proposals for World Congress

September 1, 2003

Deadline for submitting items for Fall Connections






Friday June 27, 2003

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.




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