IFHE-US  Connection

A Newsletter for Members of the International Federation for Home Economics in the USA

   Volume 5 Issue 2                                                                                           Fall 2003

IFHE-US Board of Directors

and Term of Office


President – 2004

Juanita Mendenhall

122 Point Lane

Ridgeway, NC 29130

Phone/Fax: 803-337-4012 (H)

Email: juanitam@usit.net


Director of Finance – 2004

Nancy Billings

706 Corlett Dr. SE

Huntsville, AL 35802-1906

Phone: 256-883-6229 (H)

Email: nncybllngs@aol.com


Director of Professional Development & Programs – 2006

Joanne Pearson

111 Countryside

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Phone: 540-961-5602 (H)

Email: pearsonjm@jmu.edu


Director of Communications – 2006

Nancy W. St.John

324 Diana Court

Harrisonburg, VA  22801-2694

Phone: 540-442-1482 (H)

Phone: 540-828-5459 (W)

Fax: 540-828-5479 (W)

Email: nstjohn@bridgewater.edu


Recorder – 2004

Sharon Christie

107 Dolphin Ave.

Galveston, TX 77550

Phone: 409-692-1519 (H)

Fax: 409-762-5279 (W)

Email: christieplace@aol.com


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A Message from the President

Juanita Mendenhall (SC)


After a busy summer comes a busy fall, according to reports from our busy members!  As you read this newsletter you will quickly see that many members have been busy doing IFHE-US work from which we can benefit.  Our Program of Work (see IFHE-US Connection Volume 5 Issue 1 Spring 2003) has plenty for us to work together on.  Your Officers have worked hard to develop it, so please look it over carefully and see where you can contribute.  Many articles offer opportunities for you to participate, from Congress and Council in Kyoto, Japan, to electing our new IFHE-US officers who will guide the organization.  There are many exciting and worthwhile things happening.


We are excited to learn that long time and dedicated member, Nancy Leidenfrost, has been selected by AAFCS to be one of their Distinguished Service Award winners.  Her selection was announced at the October 4-5 Leadership Conference in Washington. We will have the opportunity to honor her with our DSA contributions in her name later this year.  IFHE-US and the Extension Section made the nomination.  Congratulations, Nancy!

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IFHE-US Board of Directors …………………………………………  1 and back cover                                           

IFHE-US Message from the President …………………………….…  1, 2

Project Identify & Recognize…………………………………………  2

IFHE-US Development Fund Report and List of Contributions.……... 3&4

IFHE-US Elections for 2004-2008.…………………………………… 5

IFHE and IFHE-US History Committee ..……………………………  6

IYF Website……… ………………………………………………….. 6

Pre-Congress Tours……………………………. ……….……………  7

IYF + 10…………………………………………. …………………..  8

IFHE-US 2004-2008 Ballot  …………………………………………  9

Professional Development Survey…………………………………… 10

Application for IFHE/IFHE-US Membership………………………    11

Call for Displays for Promising Practices of IFHE Practitioners ….     11

2003 - 2004Calendar of Events……………………………………………Back cover





A message from the President      

continued from page 1


Take advantage of the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family opportunity to celebrate and promote families.  Most of us were involved in the 1994 emphasis and you are encouraged to take ACTION again.  Check out the new www.iyfanniversary.org website that Mary Andrews is spearheading.  Information about IYF celebration opportunities can be found in several articles.  Consider joining the NEW AAFCS Action Group that will function for 3 years in relation to the IYF emphasis.  Just let me know of your interest.


It is important that you TAKE TIME TO VOTE for your new IFHE-US officers.  This is your organization so please take this opportunity seriously.  The nominating committee, chaired by Alberta Hill, has worked very hard to bring you this outstanding slate.  Show your support by returning your ballot promptly.


A number of sessions have been proposed for our Annual Meeting in San Diego in June, including our final one before many of us go to Congress and Council.  A panel of persons will share last minute information so we will be well prepared.  Consider taking advantage of pre and post Congress tours and workshops.  Plan to attend the “Project Identify and Recognize” and the “Development Fund” special events as well as other International sessions.  Convention format will look different if plans work out.  By our spring newsletter we should have more to share.


Remember to download your IFHE Newsletter from our IFHE-US website, if you’ve not yet done so.  It has a great deal of important information, also.  Quite a few of us will be going to the IFHE Annual (Governance) Meeting in Bonn, Germany February 6-10, 2004.  We still need Program Committee Members.  If you are interested, let me know.  If you need information about IFHE committees, see www.ifhe.org website.  Registration deadline is December 12, 2003.   Keep in touch and stay involved.  That’s a sure way to get real value out of IFHE and IFHE-US!



Janett Gibbs


The goal of this Project is to locate, identify and recognize those who have served or are presently serving in the United States Military and have a degree in home economics, family and consumer sciences, dietetics or other related fields of study.


 If you have served or are serving (or know of someone) in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, either Active Duty, Retired, National Guard or Reserves please complete the personal data form which may be obtained from the web sites of AAFCS, IFHE-US, WOMEN’S MEMORIAL or by contacting Janett Gibbs at the address below.


The first recognition ceremony in this continuing project was held at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery on June 27, 2003. The second ceremony is scheduled for June 25, 2004 in San Diego, CA. Sharon Kleinschmidt, CDR Retired, USN is serving as chairman.


There are over 1.2 million women veterans and another 200,000 currently serving in the five major branches of the Military. Exactly how many have been trained in home economics and related fields of study are unknown.


The project is co -sponsored by the International Division of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and the International Federation for Home Economics-United States.  Participation in Project Identify will enable the home economics profession to honor qualifying professionals in some appropriate manner.


Janett A. Gibbs

135 Meadowview Road

Athens, Ga. 30606

World Home Economics Day

March 21, 2004


The topic is Families: ”Changes and Challenges”.

Look for information on the IFHE website.






Nancy Leidenfrost, Chair


A unique feature of the IFHE August 2004 Kyoto, Japan Congress will be awarding the first Development Grant.  The fund objective is to serve/education new program audiences and to implement the educational effort in collaboration with other organizations, agencies or institutions.  The June Development Fundraising event at the American Red Cross in Washington, DC resulted in a $2,704.88 contribution to the US Fund.  This major contribution brought the fund total to $50, 491.88.


The committee has set a $60,000+ goal for the year 2004.  Before June, 2003 the fund had reached $47,787.  The IFHE – US fund is administered by “in-kind contributions” of the Committee Members.  In accord with the IFHE Governance, Management and Procedures, all contributions are invested and only the interest will be used for educational projects and programs.


We express great appreciation to our members who supported this event.  We are indebted to the American Red Cross who hosted this event and Millicent Obaso, Senior Officer Africa Women’s Initiative who addressed the members on “International Public Health Program (Red Cross): the Power of the Public Partnership.”  We acknowledge in addition the generous gifts of members who contributed as a result of the 2002 contribution letter.  We express great appreciation to our members who have supported the Fund, making possible a first time initiative of this kind.


Individual Contributions to the Fund from June 10, 2002 to August 20, 2003

Munificent Maecenas category ($1000)

Nancy B. Leidenfrost in Memory of Charles B. Leidenfrost

Dedicated Generosity category ($500)

Sharon McManus                                                Vera Arendsen

Joyce Richardson in Memory of Peter Burow ($400) C.B. Leidenfrost ($100)

Dedicated Generosity category ($400)

Ohio Association for Family and Consumer Sciences

Sky Sponsor category ($300)

Margaret E. Fitch in Memory of Peter Burrows, Edwin Glazer, Florence Low

Stars category ($100+)

In Memory of

C.B. Leidenfrost

   Mary L. Andrews

   Chiyono Matsushima

District of Columbia Association of Family Consumer Sciences

& Irene M. Ott

Jean A. Shipman

Elizabeth S. Weiss

Julia Faltinson Anderson

Gretchen Ann Speerstra

Margaret M. Hoffman

Betty G. Phillips

Gwendolyn A. Newkirk

Darsene Baggett ($150)

Supporters category ($50)  *In Memory of C.B. Leidenfrost

*Carolyn Jackson

*Nancy Carter Billings

*V. Kay Falkerson

 *Margaret E. Fitch

Mary K. Decker

Thelma Dunn Hansen

Doris Hanson         

Nancy Bull             

June Glazer

Mary Gilliland

Norma A. Pitts

Vera R. Gardner     

Tahira  Hira

Audrey C. Burkart

Elizabeth L. Stephenson

James S. Moran III

Mary Louise Foster

Lillie Beasley Glover

Amy Jean Knorr

Genevieve A. Schroeder

Marian L. Davis

Margaret M. Bubolz

Marjorie W. Schmiege ($45)

Supporters category ($25)  *In Memory of C.B. Leidenfrost

* Sharon McManus

Marilyn S. Buck    

Ruth Norman         

Janice R. Wissman

Beatrice H. Bagby

Marianne C. McKeon

Sarah Ann Whitmore

Elizabeth Brown    

Betty W. Weaver Patricia J. Mogan

Joann Hallaway     

Joyce A. Cotner     

Ethel F. Farnsworth

Carol B. Meeks      

Rosa M. Kasti

Sharon Christie

Dorothy L. Thoung

Irene Beavers

Lorraine H. Westerberg

Judith J. Edward Beeland

Dorothy I. Mitstifer

Lillian Colon De Requero

Barbara E. Taylor  

Ruth Beard

Annye C. Blackmon ($20)

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Contributors continued from page 3


Contributions to the Fund October 11, 2001 – June 2002

Munificent Maecenas category ($1000+)

Nancy B. Leidenfrost

Dedicated Generosity category ($750–999)

Sharon McManus

Dedicated Generosity category ($500-749)

Margaret E. Fitch

Louisann Mamer 

Wanda Montgomery


Elaine Jorgenson

Vera Arendsen                    

Ohio Association for Family and Consumer Sciences

(By Sharon McManus)


Sky Sponsor category ($101-200)

Gwendolyn A. Newkirk

Alberta D. Hill

Peg Hoffman


Stars Category ($100)

Lois J. Alfsen  in memory of Dr. Rital Youmans and in honor of UN day

Valentina and Paul Okaru in memory of Charles B. Leidenfrost

Ruth Deacon        

Nancy St. John

Kensey Bass Green

Mary L. Foster

Darsene Baggett 

Myra P. Crabtree

Leona Adams

Elizabeth E. Gorham

Tahira Hira

Doris J. Breeze

Juanita M. Mendenhall

Jean A Shipman

Gretchen Ann Speerstra

Norma A. Pitts     

Mary L. Andrews

Irene M. Ott         

Julia Anderson    

Mary Gilliland

Elma Tanner

Marguerite Scruggs

Supporters category ($45-75)

Maie Nygren        

Mary B. Paul

Barbara Clawson

Irene Beavers

Genevieve A. Schroeder

Louise M. Wilson

Louise A. Seernberg

Janell Smith

Sharon Christie

Aliene Y. Warchak

Catherine R. Mumaw

Vera R. Gardner

Sherry C. Betts

Margaret M. Bubolz

Caryl L. Johnson

Virginia Caples    

Carole J. Makela

Ramona B. Kellam

Mary K. Decker   

Joyce A. Cotner

Elizabeth S., Weiss

Nancy Billings     

Carol Meeks

Guillermina Valdez

Sharon Y. Nichols

Doris Hanson

Kathleen M. Stadler

Alice S. Rivoire

Supporters Category ($25-35)

Ann Chaly            

Jean Weaver

Audrey C. Burkart

Myrtle Steven      

June Glazer           

Rosina M. Cotuzzola

Norma J. Hetrick

Ethel C. Cooper   

June L. Lucett

Helen Barrett

Constance Kratzer

Dorothy I. Mitstifer

Kay T. Rawson

Marian L. Davis   

Nancy Grago        

Janis Voege

Carolyn Blount    

Judith Edward J. Breland

Sarah R. Foulke

Ruth Norman

Anita Falango Ferron

Lillian Colon De Requero

Patricia J. Mogan

Beatrice M. May 

Hilda Segarria Ortiz

Mary J. Thompson

Supporters Category ($10-20)

Joan Allen Peters                 Sandy Carpenter-Stevenson              Patricia M. Tengel


Committee Membership:

Margaret E. Fitch, OK; Sharon McManus, OH;  Nancy St. John, VA;

Financial Subcommittee: Mary Gilliland, CA;  Marguerite  Scruggs, OK;  Josephine Turner, FL;

Nancy B. Leidenfrost, MD Director

Submitted: August 20, 2003





Alberta Hill, Nominations Committee Chair


Officers of IFHE-US are elected before January 1 in the year they assume office, which is immediately following either IFHE Congress or IFHE Council meeting.  A ballot is inserted in this newsletter. Be sure to vote. Those to be elected now to serve from Congress in Kyoto through Congress 2008 appear on the ballot inserted.


The qualifications as stated in the by-laws are reviewed here.  Comments given in italics are those found to be helpful in carrying out the duties.  All those on the ballot must be individual members; have attended at least one IFHE Council Meeting or Congress and and agree to attend annual meeetings of IFHE-US. 


President - serves as chair of the Board; presides at meetings of the organization; confers with elected officers in appointment of  committees; coordinates committee work; represents IFHE-US on appropriate occasions; serves as official spokesperson and chair of the IFHE-US delegation to Council and Congress and serves as liaison officer with AAFCS and IFHE Headquarters.  Attendance of the annual IFHE Annual Meetings as officer or committee member is important for carrying out role of  IFHE Liaison..


Recorder  - chairs the Membership Committee; maintains records of meeting of the Board and IFHE-US membership; prepares summaries of business meetings; monitors and documents the organization’s work (I.E. programs, speeches, workshops); and coordinates, evaluates and selects material for historical records and archives.    Membership information comes from both AAFCS and IFHE Headquarters and is directed to the President, therefore, needs to be in regular and frequent contact with president to keep records current. 


Chair, IFHE-US Development Fund  - confers with the IFHE0President in appointing the IFHE-US Development fund Committee; keeps IFHE members informed about the purposes, activities and status of the fund; coordinates activities of the IFHE-Us Development Committee and the IFHE Development Committee; and with Development fund committee develops policies and procedures for soliciting and investing funds.  Communicates regularly with of the IFHE Development Fund Chair and Development Fund Committees in other countries.

Chair, IFHE-US Development Fund  - confers with the IFHE0President in appointing the IFHE-US Development fund Committee; keeps IFHE members informed about the purposes, activities and status of the fund; coordinates activities of the IFHE-Us Development Committee and the IFHE Development Committee; and with Development fund committee develops policies and procedures for soliciting and investing funds.  Communicates regularly with of the IFHE Development Fund Chair and Development Fund Committees in other countries.


Chair, IFHE-US Development Fund  - confers with the IFHE0President in appointing the IFHE-US Development fund Committee; keeps IFHE members informed about the purposes, activities and status of the fund; coordinates activities of the IFHE-Us Development Committee and the IFHE Development Committee; and with Development fund committee develops policies and procedures for soliciting and investing funds.  Communicates regularly with of the IFHE Development Fund Chair and Development Fund Committees in other countries


Chair, UN Liaison Committee - in cooperation with IFHE, AAFCS and other family oriented NGOs, identify topics and issues which IFHE-US shall study and/or provide background information; cooperates with IFHE-US Director of Programs in planning the program of work and programs or workshops for IFHE-US members; provides periodic reports to the Board; collaborates with representatives of other organization’s NGOs in sponsoring Commission or Committee papers or programs; and maintains contact with IFHE NGO representatives in Vienna, Geneva, Paris and Rome.     







Nancy B. Leidenfrost

IFHE History Committee Chair


IFHE History Committee is requesting that countries and regions provide the committee with information about their IFHE organization.  We request that members (and designated contacts) compile and transmit information to the committee electronically.  We plan to establish an archive.  The committee is searching for photographs associated with Congress, Council, other sponsored events, program booklets, scrapbooks, memorabilia, minutes, newsletters, major speeches, published material and manuscripts.  Please date material and identify individuals in photographs and the source of the information.


Send US history regarding IFHE to:

Janet A. Gibbs, 135 Meadowview Road, Athens, GA 30606, Jangibbs@IX.netcom.com

Phone 706-546-6372


Please send the information about the American Region to American Region History Cahirmen:


Dr Alberta Hill 615 NW Polaris, Pullman, WA 99163, Phone 509-332-7358, hilla@coopext.cahe.wsu.edu  


Margaret Arcus 2212 West 36 Th Avenue, Vancouver, V6M 1L5, Canada, Phone 604-261-2702, arcus@interchange.ubc.ca


IYF Web Site

Mary Andrews


The IYF Task Force and Action Group from AAFCS has partnered with a number of other National Professional Associations/Societies (including IFHE-US) to sponsor an IYF Web Site.  Go to www.iyfanniversary.org to access the latest information about activities and resources to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the UN designated "International Year of the Family" (1994-2004).  


Now, 10 years later, we need to appraise those efforts, renew our commitments, and continue to create momentum for the work that still needs to be done. The goals for our Association for the International Year of the Family Anniversary are to provide leadership to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the IYF internally and externally by facilitating:


·         Educational programming

·         Resource distribution, and

·         Collaboration to promote understanding of family issues from an international perspective

·         Strengthen policies and institutions working on behalf of families

·         Create public awareness of family issues and the role of FCS and other professionals in promoting individual, family and community well-being.


If you have announcements to make, resources to share or links to other websites that might be of interest to others, please let us know. Send your ideas for the website to mandrews@msu.edu or lisa.wootten.booth@att.net.



AAFCS 95th Annual

Convention & Exposition

June 26 – June 29, 2004

Town & Country Resort

San Diego, CA







August 1-7 2004

Kyoto, Japan

Registration Fees Discounted if paid by April 30, 2004

See IFHE website for information and registration form







Have you marked July 25 to August 8, 2004 for a customized journey to Japan? These are the dates of the IFHE World Congress and the Pre-Congress Tour conducted by Janett Gibbs. The tour will depart from and return to San Francisco via United Airlines.


Highlights include visiting Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nara. Cost will include accommodations during the IFHE Congress. If you have not already  received information a brochure describing the complete tour may be obtained from Janett Gibbs at the address below. Make your plans now to join this group for an exciting and educational visit to one of the world’s most interesting countries.


Janett A Gibbs

135 Meadowview Road

Athens, Ga. 30606


Pre-IFHE Congress

Study Tour

Eating your way across Southeast Asia

Location: Bangkok, Thailand and

New Delhi, India

Dates: Arrive in Bangkok by evening July 22; Forward to Japan, morning August 1, 2004

Costs: $US 1750 double occupancy. This price does not include international travel from point of departure to

Bangkok and preparation costs such as passports, visas, health precautions and applicable taxes.  Included in this price is the Bangkok-Delhi-Bangkok portion of the travel. (Extended stays in either country can be arranged.)

Living Arrangements: Participants will be housed in the Kasetsart University Guest House in Bangkok and the Metropolitan Nikko in New Delhi.

All accommodations and local transport will be air-conditioned.

For further information go to the website;


or contact:

Dr. Mary P. Andrews

71 Agriculture Hall

Michigan State University

E. Lansing, MI 48824-1039

Phone: 517-432-3322

FAX: 517-432-7644

E-mail: mandrews@msu.edu




IFHE Quilt to be auctioned at IFHE Congress in Kyoto, Japan

All proceeds go to the IFHE-US Development Fund

To make a square!

1.  Torn 11 x 11 inch square (Design will finish 10 x 10 when sewn into quilt

2.  Please use cotton or cotton/poly blends

3.  Bold design should fill square to be seen from a distance

4.  Appliquι, piece, embroider, or embellish to reflect your creativity

5.  Firm stitch any “iron-on” design

6.  Final deadline March 2004

7.  Everyone invited to participate!

8.  Sign your square with name of group and Designer/Stitcher


Mail completed square to Carolyn Blount who will bring the finished quilt to Kyoto.

                Carolyn Blount

                2026 Tenth Avenue East

                Seattle, WA  98102-4106

                Telephone: 206-322-1174

                Email:  cblount@mail.dkbnet.net




IYF+10  1994-2004
Ruth Norman


IYF was an important year for home economics/ family and consumer sciences.  A commitment to highlight the role of families and their needs in the development process was realized when the UN designated 1994 as an International Year.  As family focused NGOs, both IFHE and AAFCS were very active internationally, nationally and locally.

The 10th Anniversary of IYF will be launched in December 2003 by the United Nations.  The year will be again be observed both nationally and internationally by governmental and non-governmental  organizations.


The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in January 2003 announcing that the 10th Anniversary of IYF be held during 2004.  During the 10 years since 1994, family-related programs were part of each of the UN years, summits and conferences.  A follow-up is required of all years/ conferences/summits which are designed to provide insight into the progress toward meeting the goals identified for the year and guidance for subsequent programs.

Included in the UN resolution is a reminder that all global plans and programs call for assistance to be given to the family, keeping in mind that families vary according to the culture, the political and the social system.  Points in the resolution include:
   ...families are affected by social and economic changes worldwide
   ...respect for the human rights of all family members is essential
   ...as is, equality between men and women
   ...and the reconciliation of work and family life
And very important:
   ...non-governmental organizations, at both the local and national levels, 

      play an important role.

The 10year follow-up will include a major study by the UN on the most important trends affecting families internationally to be submitted to the General Assembly early in December 2003.  A plenary session of the GA will be held on May 15, the International Day of Families.


The NGO committee on the Family has been following the issues related to the family at their monthly meetings.  Plans are underway for briefing all NGOs on IYF+10 on May 15, The International Day of Families.

At a recent conference held annually and co-sponsored by the Department of Public Information and the Non-Governmental Organizations, 3000 NGOs from all over the world attended.   While the conference did not specifically address the family, the theme addressed issues of concern to the family.

A breakout session drawing 300 NGOs was co-sponsored by the Committee on the Family, the Committee on Children's Rights and the Committee on Aging.  The title of the program, "Economic Security and Human Rights:  A Crucial Relationship for Children, Family and Older Persons", emphasized the human side of security.  Mary Covington, IFHE NGO, was one of the 3 panelists.


State and local Affiliates were very active in 1994, organizing a wide variety of exciting programs and activities including conferences, seminars, celebrations and displays.  The reports of the Affiliates were distributed at AAFCS Annual meeting and will be available in the packet.

The activities that were organized during 1994 could be held again during 2004 as a follow-up to assess what has happened during the past decade.  This could be a form of evaluation and report on what has happened to families in your community and state. 

An evaluation form was distributed during annual meeting asking for reports on what has happened since 1994.  While this form is for the use of the national committee (and needs to be returned ASAP), it can be used locally in organizing for 2004.

Let's make 2004 a year as eventful as was the year 1994. 



Please  do not put this ballot aside.  Vote today! 

Your vote is confidential; envelops with return address will be separated from ballots before given to independent  vote “counters.”   

The following candidates have agreed to serve.  Each has met the requirements of being members of IFHE and has attended IFHE Council Meetings and Congress  (some for many years.!)



_____Mary Andrews

Michigan, Assoc. Dean of Extension, Research and International Programs, Michigan State University.  Has served as Chair, AAFCS International Division and as Director of Professional Development and Program, IFHE-US. Member IFHE Committee, Outreach to Central and Eastern Europe.  


_____Other, Name___________________________________                




_____Kitty Decker

Indiana, FCS teacher in Indiana, Kansas and Washington.  Has served as President and International Chair of Indiana AFCS.  International experience includes work with church group in Africa.  During past 4 years has served as volunteer on IFHE-US committees.


_____Other, Name ___________________________________


Chair, IFHE-US Development Committee


_____Sharon McManus

Michigan, retired from Ohio but has kept affiliation with Ohio AFCS and currently serves as Chair of Ohio AFCS International Committee.  Is serving as current  member of the IFHE-US Development Committee which has been engaged in setting policies and procedures as well as securing funds.


_____Other, Name _____________________________________


Chair, UN  Liaison Committee


_____Ruth Norman

Washington. Keeps informed of work of relevant committees and commissions of UN through frequent contacts with AAFCS and IFHE NGOs and NGOs of other organizations and through membership in organizations such as UNIFEM-US and UNICEF-US.  Continues contacts with IFHE NGOs in Geneva, Rome, Vienna and Paris. Active in local International programs with organizations such as AAUW. 


_____Other,  Name _____________________________________


MAIL TO:      Alberta D. Hill, 615 NW Polaris, Pullman, WA 99163


Professional Development Survey

Joanne M. Pearson, Director Programs and Professional Development


          One of the missions of IFHE-US is to facilitate and promote opportunities for global involvement of its members. Historically the AAFCS/IFHE Liaison Committee, and now the IFHE-US organization, has organized educational sessions at the AAFCS Annual Meeting, sponsored one- and two-day workshops before or after AAFCS Annual Meeting, and publicized pre-and post-IFHE Congress educational travel tours.

            As a member of IFHE-US you are now asked for your suggestions as to how IFHE-US can best provide professional development opportunities for its members.

Please indicate with an X the types of activities you would participate in if they were provided by IFHE-US.


_____ Educational sessions at AAFCS             _____ Publicizing international

           Annual Meeting                                                          exchanges for professionals

_____ Half-day special focus workshop                       _____ Publicizing international

          (Topics:___________________)                               exchanges for preprofessionals

_____One-day special focus workshop                        _____ Publicizing pre-and post-

          (Topics:____________________)                               Congress study tours

_____Multi-day special focus workshop                       _____ Serve on IFHE Programme

          (Topics:_____________________)                             or Council Committee

_____International study tours within                         Other suggestions:

          Region of the Americas                                     ________________________

_____Pre- and Post-Council and Congress                          ________________________

          study tours                                                                   ________________________


Do you currently maintain CFCS status?    _____Yes   _____No

Approximately how long have you been a member of:

               AAFCS _________years               IFHE ________ years

How many IFHE Council Meetings and/or Congresses have you attended? _________

In the last 5 years how many AAFCS Annual Meetings have you attended? ________


Name (optional) ________________________________________________________


PLEASE RESPOND TO THE SURVEY WITHIN A WEEK OF RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER, EITHER BY E-MAIL (pearsojm@jmu.edu) OR BY REGULAR MAIL: Joanne Pearson, IFHE-US Director Programs and Professional Development, 111 Countryside Court, Blacksburg, VA 24060





IFHE-US Connections

324 Diana Court

Harrisonburg, VA  22812-2694























Director, Liaison to the UN –2004

Ruth Norman

1904 20th Street, Apt. B-9

Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone/Fax: 360-676-2255 (H)

Email: Redla57@aol.com

Director IFHE-US Development Fund – 2004

Nancy Leidenfrost

235 South River Clubhouse Rd.

Harwood, MD 20776-9632

Phone: 410-798-6131 (H)

Fax: 301-261-4211

Email: CandNleid1@aol.com

Director, Chair of Nominating Committee - 2004

Alberta D. Hill

615 NW Polaris St.

Pullman, WA 99163

Phone: 509-332-7358 (H)

Fax: 509-335-1065

Email: hilla@coopext.cahe.wsu.edu

Director, Chair of International Division, AAFCS - 2003

Mary M. Warnock

20300 Springston Ford Rd

Elkins, AR 72727-9287

Phone: 479-643-3228 (H)

Phone: 479-575-4310 (W)

Fax: 479-575-7171 (W)

Email: mwarnock@uark.edu

2003-2004 Calendar


December, 2003

IFHE-US Elections Return ballot ASAP


December, 2003

Return Professional Development Survey


December, 2003

International Year of the Family 10th Anniversary


March 21, 2004

World Home Economics Day


March 31, 2004

Deadline for submitting items for Spring Connection


April 30, 2004

Deadline for discounted registration IFHE 20th World Congress


May 15, 2004

The International Day of the Family


August 1-7, 2004

20th IFHE Congress Kyoto, Japan








Fill in the information below. Thank you.

(Please print.)









AAFCS Membership #, if applicable:















If retired, include last position held.












Zip Code:










































Where do you prefer to be contacted?













Membership type


$20 Student Member


$50 Individual Member


$300 Organizational Member*


$300 Associate Member*


          Name of Organizational/Associate Member Representative


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Send to: IFHE Dues, AAFCS                                    Nancy Billings                       

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At the XX World Congress, Kyoto, Japan August 3-7, 2004


Consider submitting your “promising practices as an IFHE practitioner” as a display at the 20th IFHE World Congress in Kyoto, Japan in the display area set aside for this purpose.  Accepted for display will be tabletop or poster presentations or a combination of the two.  The purpose of these displays is to focus on emerging best practices of what home economists are doing around the world.  Handout materials about the work being presented will be at the cost and discretion of the exhibitor but the entire presentation must be of a quality worthy of an International professional conference.   All members are welcome to apply to display.


The name of the display presenter(s) will be printed in the Congress program IF the information is received by the January 1, 2004 deadline for submission.  (The January 1 deadline is necessary so space can be planned and confirmed at the February 2004 Executive Committee meeting.)  We reserve the right to be selective if there are too many requests for the space available.  The Research Committee may direct some applications that come to them to be presented in this display area when they believe it is the appropriate place for presentation.  If so, use this form.

                                                                *              *              *              *              *

Complete the application form below and submit it as directed:


Type of Presentation: (check one)

_______tabletop display only; _______poster display only; _______both poster and table


Space requirement: ____one 6 ft. table;  ____1 standard size poster only (approx. 100cmx70 cm)


                                       ____½ 6ft. table;           ____2 standard size posters; other, explain:_____________


Title of Presentation/Display:______________________________________________________


Content Described in 50 words or less:  (attach sheet with description)  


Name of Presenter(s)____________________________________________________________


Contact information: (primary person responsible)_____________________________________




                State: ________________________Country: ________________Zip Code:___________


Phone: ____________________ Fax: ____________________ Email _____________________


Send application by January 1, 2004 to:  Juanita Mendenhall      Phone: 803-337-4012

                                                                                     122 Point Lane              Fax: 803-337-4012

                                                                                     Ridgeway SC, 29130          Email: juanitam@usit.net